Film: 3143

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Industry, uses of iron and steel. Marconigram used at sea.

Northampton steel works. The production of steel. Steel works in Scotland. Images of foundries. Blocks of steel for ship building. Metal is rolled and cut while still white hot. Strip steel used for cars white goods etc. Tin cans. London factory. Good shots of early automated production lines. High grade steel used in jet engines, turbine blades that get so hot they would melt ordinary metal. Steel for items of irregular shape are forged. Crankshaft factory. Steel on ships on the Clyde in Scotland. Bridge building. 500 firms making and manufacturing steel in the UK. Iron ore needed to make steel. Map of world showing where ore deposits are. Sierra Leone. Iron ore mine. Ore transported 50 miles to a port to be shipped to the UK. Surveying to find more ore deposits. Boring for samples. Roads built to transport ore. Battleship Ajax in dock for servicing. The pipeline across the English Channel which supplied France with oil during the war is ripped up. Steel is never wasted. Problems of recruitment and training for engineers. Steel industry also employs scientists to improve efficiency and quality. Steel industry works around the clock. Health care for workers. 1935 Scunthorpe workers in a purpose built retirement village. Graph shows growth of steel industry. Cars exported all over the world.

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