Film: 3144

War + Military | 1970 | Sound | B/W


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Adolf Hitler

War planes fly overhead. Armed German troops. Hitler salutes. Motorcycle troops, rally of tanks, armoured cars etc, massive parade of strength, canons passing, heavy artillery. Felling trees for road building. Men working on road building. Hitler rides in a car down a new motorway, his car drives through a ribbon to officially open the road. Crowds cheer. Roads needed to transport troops quickly. Tank and guns factories. Geneva Disarmament Conference. Hitler flouts the conference and the Treaty of Versailles. More arms making. Smelting and foundries. Heavy artillery, tanks, aircraft, submarine. Lines of troops march into Rhine-land. Women throw flowers at the troops. Hitler walks past the troops. Building fortifications on the borders with France and Belgium. Mussolini, Hitler and the Rome - Berlin Active. Troops into Austria and Czechoslovakia. Chamberlain in Munich. Map showing port of Danzig and east Prussia. German Soviet Pact. September 1 1939 German troops march into Poland. Aircraft bombers. Tanks, horses pulling heavy artillery guns. 3 September 1939 Britain and France declare war. Building shelters in British back gardens. Barrage balloons. Evacuations by train, lines of children at a station. Children on a bus 'Goodbye Hitler' written on the side. Poland, tanks, parachutists, heavy guns. People fleeing. Refugees, goats and horses also brought along. Bombers. People running down a mountainside. Bomber aircraft goes into a steep dive before releasing bombs. Warsaw flattened. People running carrying blankets etc. Smoking ruins. Poland divided between Russia and Germany. Intellectuals and Jews are rounded up and either killed or taken to concentration camps. Hitler's final solution, bodies of Jews. German invasion of Denmark and Norway on 9 April 1940. Tanks, bombs, infantry, foxholes. Troops march through Holland, Belgium and France. Tanks, defences of French towns left burning. Armoured vehicles, Nazi troops march down a typical French road lined with poplar trees. By 14 June 1940 French watch on as Nazi troops march down the Champs Elysees with the arc de Triomphe in the background. Dunkirk. British troops arrive home in a variety of boats. In Berlin, Victory Parade, Hitler stands up in a car and salutes the cheering crowds. Banners, flags and people waving swastikas.

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