Film: 3145

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Mr. C.J. Sibett, chair of South Africa's 'National Thrift Committee' introduces film: an old man with a wing collared shirt reads prepared speech for the camera. He sends his thanks, from South Africa, to Britain. Young man and woman (he looks smart in suit, tie, greased hair, she wears short sleeve floral dress) look at map while standing on a street in Durban. Map of South Africa showing Durban. Map is used to indicate the trip that this couple are about to embark on, from Durban via the Valley of 1000 Hills, Zululand, Hluhluwe and Kruger National Park to Cape Town. Cargo ships moored at Durban. Black men carrying heavy planks of wood on docked. Aerial view of the hotels of Durban along Marine Parade that runs Parallel to the Indian Ocean. Ornamental garden on Marine Parade. Woman in white dress feeding monkey. Monkey sitting on roof of car, another eating on car's bonnet. Aerial view of main street in Durban. Mosque. Hindu Temple. Black Africans walking in street ('an incredibly colourful scene'). White couple get into rickshaw. 'Rickshaw boy' is black and wears traditional dress of Zulu, (including shield and head dress). The 'rickshaw boy' runs with high steps jerking the passengers. Sandy beaches of Durban. People bathing in sea. Busy beaches. Men fishing from beach with rod and line. Valley of a 1000 Hills. Extremely long shots of Zulu villages consisting of bee hive huts. Native Africans in ceremonial dress with headdress. Zulu woman painting another's hair. Bead work jewellery. Four Zulu women entering village. Women carrying bowls on heads. Chief with large moustache wearing leopard skin. Zulu women dancing and singing for chief. (a little half heartedly). Long horn cattle, Zulu women carrying bundles on their heads. The capital of Zululand, tarmac road, chemist and optician. Black people standing outside trader's store / shop. Black women sitting and relaxing (one wears a vest, another a piece of cloth, another nothing). The pots and jars that have been made by Zulus. Smiling black women. Young black women riding horses. Traditionally dressed woman sitting on bridge. Eight Oxen pulling plough guided by woman. The Zulu blacksmith working outside. Blacksmith (with enormous belly) working on spear. Completed spears. Hluhluwe Game Reserve, line of huts. Hills, bush, white rhino seen through trees, close up of single rhino in profile and then head on. Swaziland, Swasi wandering minstrels walking and playing down road. Two men wearing shirts and jackets wearing long hair (bad edit). Aerial view of the capital of Swaziland. Ploughing with oxen. Kruger National Park, sign on gate announcing it. Black warden in uniform saluting behind gate. Lion sitting on rock, lion cub, giraffes, black rhino charging and then running off and then charging again, zebra, impale herd, wart hog, grey monkey, python snake on ground, tortoise on dirt track, wild buffalo, lioness hunting, wildebeest running off, baboon sitting, the plains. Johannesburg centre. Busy street. Buildings, industry, mine winding gear (largest in world). Three bars of gold. Black miners. Zulu dance, quite exciting, performed for tourists. The Zulu's villages to which the miners return. A returning miner with box of belongings on his head (he is walking home along road). Woman hoeing in field, baby on her back. Transkei, a market, black hunters with their dogs. The birds they catch are attached to their upper arms with a brass bangle. Boys with fine birds attached to belt. Transkei natives cooking outside mud hut. Woman with large stick stirring pot. Woman patching a mud hut with more mud. Three men in best clothes walking down path. They wear caps and blankets. Woman of Transkei wearing beads and blanket. Four black children dancing by roadside. Umtata, capital of area. Mountains. Oudtshoorn. Ostriches in paddocks. Ostriches being herded on farm. Cape Town from sea, docks in foreground. Aerial views of Cape Town from Table Mountain. Cable railway / car. Reaching summit of mountain, in clouds. Sub tropical gardens in Cape Town. Statue of Cecil Rhodes. Parliament House, churches, gardens, Cape Town Castle, monument to Cecil Rhodes, Cecil Rhodes' house. Eastern side, beaches, surf, rollers. Western side, cliffs, Great Cape. Aerial view of the Cape of Good Hope. National Savings Flag.

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