Film: 3146

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Iran or Persia in Middle East, an Arab and Islamic country 1950's

The mountain region of Iran, snow capped mountains panorama. Small domed building with snowy mountains behind. A ploughed field with mountains behind. A car on a unmade road. A map showing surrounding countries. View of standing columns at Persepolis, a man walks though. Larger high view of the ruins, wonderful pan across the mass of ancient ruins. Relief carving of King Darius enthroned. Carving details with Syrians bearing tribute, Medes, horses and sheep, cattle, chariots, camel. Tablet of writings in cuneiform. A carved head of Xerxes. Carved steps. More views of Persepolis.
Blue tiled domes. Madressahs and mosques in blue tile. Beautiful blue tiled domes. A lovely shaded courtyard, a group of men pray, they wear traditional clothes. The Royal Blue Mosque. Miniature of Shah Bass (not sure of spelling) Painting of a polo game at Esfahan. The palace porch way. A statue in a garden. A dam to control water for irrigation. A statue to Shah Bass in the city centre.
Statue of Rasa Shah, form the 1920's. Rasa Shah's son seen sitting on a sofa in a smart western suit. His modern palace in Teheran. The Rose garden palace. The mirrored throne room, a chandeliered room containing the Peacock Throne. Close up of the Peacock Throne. Very close up of the jewels of the Peacock throne.
Map showing location of Teheran. High view of busy bustling street with traffic and minaret in side foreground. Doorway of Muslim college. Three men dressed in white turbans imam style talk together. Another shot of the mullahs talking together. Busy street with veiled woman (nasty scratch starts here). Another more modern street scene. A Building site for new dwellings. A modern building for students of professions. Tree land road with cycling students in suits.
Map showing Isfahan. The walls and mosques. A horse drawn cart or taxi waits at the side of the road, near the ancient gateway. The bazaar with metal workers hammering as veiled woman walk by. Close up of copper smith hammering a large plate. Close up of the face of this craftsman. Close up of man hammering a beautiful silver plate. Workshop full of men working of metal. Close up of fingers working on the hammering. Older man in glasses works. A worked box. Shop window of goods for sale. Miniature paintings. Three men paint in a workshop on porcelain. At this point, scratch has gone) Close up of fingers weaving a rug. Five women sit at a large loom weaving a rug. One woman sits and knots an delicate pattern of a rug, she uses a comb to beat down the wool. Two children, young girls knot rugs. Large modern textile mill exterior. Man works on electric weaving machine.
Gateway of Shiraz, car drives though. Palace of the Cashkai (spelling?). Orange groves. Beautiful pool surrounded by trees. Mosque/ Monument to a poet Sadis (?).Tiled walls. Camel caravan stand with modern mill behind. A technical school, students in western suits emerge. Land rover passes front of the medical school. Inside the medical school, student including unveiled women, wear white coats and attend lecturer. Close up of one woman. The fields outside a mud walled town, two women veiled carry water jars on their heads. Primitive water well with the water lifted by horse in a leather bucket. Girl children washing the clothes at the waters edge. A herd of goats arrive to drink at the water source, with goat herders and children with water jars on their heads. Two girls carry heavy jars of water back to the town. Women rolling bread dough on flat stones. A boy folds up his bedding. The belongings of a family: a copper samovar, lantern, teapot, cups and saucers, a mirror and a picture of the Shah on the wall. A man walks down outside steps to enter the downstairs of the house. A chewing woman is baking bread. People walking across fields to work. Oxen in a field. A man walks with the oxen who pull a wooden plough. Aerial view of Abadan oil refinery. A No Smoking sign in several languages. A man on a donkey or mule going past the refinery. A man in overalls walks past. Men in traditional headgear and hard hats walking to work in the refinery, some with bicycles. Smoking chimneys. The ruins of Persepolis.

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