Film: 3155

Aviation | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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An educational film explaining the important role played by fighter control officers in National Defence 1970's

Also discussing the development of Radar. Phantom jets and Victor tankers . Refuelling in flight. RAF Bawdsey Manor and fighter command at High Wycombe.

View from pilots cock-pit of aeroplane flying above white clouds. Phantom jet flying, in close-up. Aerial view of arid mountainous scenery at Mount Olympus in Cyprus. A radio and Radar base seen from the air in the middle of undeveloped landscape. Vista of runways. Another base from the air. Inside the Radar control room with Air Traffic Controllers. Radar screen in close up. Woman at Radar screen. Nose of a huge military plane with camouflage, taxi-ing. More shots of inside of control room, with controllers. Phantoms in sky. Woman controller embarks on the co-ordination of air to air refuelling. The large Victor tanker plane with RAF markings flies through a pale blue sky with fluffy clouds. The plane trails a fuel cable. The woman controller watches the Radar screen and gives directions. The plane is shown again. Close up of female controllers face. View from the cock-pit. Controller. The smaller Phantom plane approaches the large Victor tanker which is trailing its fuel lead behind it. They begin manoeuvres for the precision task of air to air refuelling. The RAF Phantom approaches the Victor Tanker which still trails its fuel lead. Controller. The nose of the Phantom approaches the funnel on the end of the airborne fuel lead. View of funnel and lead from Phantom cock-pit. Close up view of the smoothly executed connection being made between the static fuel pipe on the Phantom and the floating lead on the Victor tanker. Side shot of both planes in flight, connected by fuel lead while air to air refuelling is carried out. Fuel transfer is completed, the two planes disconnect. Views of waves rippling on a pebbly beach. View of grassy bank edging the beach with Stuart Manor House in background. Officers enter a Gothic doorway. Plaque announces ' Bawdsey Manor - Robert Watson-Watt developed first Radar warning Station. Woman RAF officer lectures a group of men in uniform listening at desks. Man in uniform teaches using a blackboard. Class shown from back. Young uniformed men and women sit at desks. Hands hold a graph onto a Radar screen. Man asks question. Radar room. Male controllers. Radar screen. Controllers confer. Man watches radar rotate then takes measurements. Radar equipment outside moves. Aerial view of building. Uniformed man and woman walk through door below a red light. Busy control room. Radar. Controllers eyes scan screen. Screen . Controller speaks. Uses graph on Radar. Controller reflected in radar screen. Master controller talks on phone . Two uniformed women behind a glass screen, write on it. Master controller sits in a row of other men. Jet fighter plane lands with parachute billowing at back to break speed. Flickering control panel. Men and women operate technical equipment in a large room. Close up. Finger pushes button in a row of three. Woman in uniform. Control panel. Room again. Revolving Radar on building. Controllers. Large white dish moves on top of low buildings. Countryside vista zooms into white satellite dishes. Large blue sphere shaped buildings on a grassy hill. Men walk into large white revolving metal framed structure. Control room. Radars moving, on a shoreline. Smart white sixties (?) Ford car pulls up. RAF officer gets out. Man enters gateway. Gold orb structures on hillside. Seascape with Sun low in dusky sky. Control room. Radar receiver rotated on barren hillside. Control room. 'Headquarters STRIKE COMMAND Royal Air Force HIGH WYCOMBE'. Large open room with maps and charts being updated. Men sit at desks with banks of equipment. Victor Tanker taxis and takes off towards tanker. Radar revolves. Control room. Woman moves markers on a huge horizontal map, with a red stick. Planes serviced on runway. Inside of mess. Pilots in flying costumes drink coffee at small tables. Radio. Radar screen with arrows. Men talk on phones. A red switch is flicked. Pilots scramble. 'Forty Three Squadron'. Pilots climb into cock-pits while ground staff prepare planes. Numbers written on board. Pilots in Phantom planes. Ladders removed from sides of planes. Pilot waves his finger from cock-pit. Blocks removes from plane wheels. Cock-pit closes. Clear board is written on. Planes taxi. Controllers in clear windowed control tower. Jet plane takes off. Radar receivers. A bank of controllers. Plane flying. Pilot in cock-pit wearing helmet and mask. Huge map with markers being moved. Men on phones. Plane taxiing. Controllers. Plane in sky. Map in close-up. Radar screen with moving arrows. Victor tanker plane with fuel lead trailing. Phantom. Sleek silver plane - a 'Zombie'- long range Russian bomber- tracked forty miles north of Scotland. The small jet pulls below the silver plane and flies alongside it. Pilot. Silver Zombie plane. Another Phantom takes off. Pilots land and get out of planes - at night. More control tower. Sea. RAF officer leaves through gate and gets into white car and drives off. Machinery/ equipment. Dishes on skyline. Revolving radar.

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