Film: 3159

Personalities | 1970 | Mute | Colour + B/W


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The story of Little Tich (Harry Relph 1928-1867) the music hall artiste. Starts with the late Sir Ralph Richardson dressed in overcoat, muffler and trilby hat backstage in conversation with a lady. He seems to be larking about, he hides behind a curtain and reappears, disappears and reappears on a low seat, he doffs his hat to the lady he is with. Wee Georgie Wood O.B.E. appears Wee Georgie Wood was a music hall artist of a later generation but is an old man at this point, talking to camera against a background of old music hall and theatre bills.

Mary Powell (daughter?) talks to camera also Sir Neville Cardus. Cardus was music critic of the Manchester Guardian also their cricket correspondent. Continues with these three talking to camera at end of section M. Powell is trying on Little Tich's ski-like boots which were a feature of his act ' Big Boots' dance

Footage of Little Tich's actual music hall Act. Little Tich on stage. Backdrop of ancient street. Has on extra large hat and is putting on ski-like boots. Hangs hat on end of one of 'skis' - replaces hat on head. Clowns about on stage. Knocks hat off head, balances on 'skis' dances and leans horizontally to retrieve hat. Return to Wee Georgie Wood and Neville Cardus talking to camera. Stills of Little Tich and his act. Other period stills of man in straw hat, bow-tie and suit. Face and head and shoulders of lady, possibly a relative or fellow artist. Theatre bill of a Royal Command Performance at London Palladium. Main artist seems to be George Robey another very famous music hall commedian.
Still of man wearing night-cap type hat with tassle possibly another artiste. Period still of lady in clasic pose with bejewelled headdress abd holding something. Return to colour and Winifred Relph (presumably a relation of Little Tich whose real name was Harry Relph) and Georgie Wood talking to camera.

A series of stills contemporay with Little Tich around 1910 -1920, including of man in cap and excessive moustache. Also man in cap and matching check suit (possibly Harry Tate Jnr. another well-know music hall artist of the time.) Still of Balding man in dress suit. Still of demure lady wearing elegant dress and showing her ankle. Head and shoulders of lady with bouffant hair style. Return to Winifred Relph talking to camera. Still of Little Tich dressed as Tarzan or other primitive man, he has club and animal skin over shoulder. Moving images of Little Tich making himself up in theatre dressing room. Still of Family group of Little Tich (man, woman and child.) Newspaper announcements of Little Tich's death at the age of 60 " Little Tich is Dead ". (Headlines only.) Seem to be Nottingham newspapers. Also announcements in French newspapers " Little Tich est Mort". More of Little Tich's music hall act and Winifred Relph talking to camera. Old fairground booth-type cinema show. 'Bioscope' Charlie Chaplin and lady in 20's period dress. Other Chaplin footage and another showing of Little Tich on stage. End.

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