Film: 3160

Railways | 1980 | Sound | Colour


Little narrow gauge trains of Wales 1980's

Main line electric train whizzes by at great spend seeming abstract, seen from train in other direction. Two carriage electric trains running along the track. A map of Wales "Take a train to Wales". A coastline. Mountain scene. Small waterfall. A lake. Green countryside. Two castles. A narrow garage. Train cross a small viaduct. Titles. Several shots of narrow gauge engines. Standing shot of Locomotive Douglas. Point of view out of the window looking towards the engine. A locomotive where the signal changes. Welshpool and Llanfair Railway going through a small valley. Close-up of the tunnel. Close-up of the tunnel and cuts of the locomotive. The train moves slowly through a beautiful valley. Train travels forward head on, a pannier tank locomotive and heads lean out of the window as the train passes. Train through valley.
Overhead of train pulling cut of a station, the Tallylyn Railway, an old state line. Interior shots of the passengers and carriages of the Tallylyn Railway. Travelling alongside another static locomotive as the passengers lean from the windows and the brass door handles shine in the sunshine. A saddle tank locomotive. A small village. A stone bridge. Llanvwghllyn over a river. A siding with signals. A diesel 2ft narrow gauge railway of the Bala Lake Railway alongside the Lake itself. Diesel and two carriages.

"The Great Orme Railway - Book here for the Summit" sign. A view of the town of Llandudno. The train goes through the steets. One carriage travels up a vary steep gradient passing hill side houses on the way. Two carriages pass on the hillside. Close-up of the cable mechanism, then wheels pass over it. Sheep chews the cud. The (top) temining as a car pulls in. The coast of Anglesey and the mountains in the distance.
The Festiniog Railway, two locomotives and a set of red carriages with holiday walkers leaning out. A boy wearing a red jacket waves! The train passes over a stone bridge. The train climbs high.
A recreated miner's tramway with tourist sitting in open carriages looking rather met. A guide in yellow hard hat and mark explains to a group of tourists. Blaenau Ffestiniog sign on the road. A Reliant Robin car on the road. The state railway moving. To represent old state workers. Good shot of the train passing through tight tunnels underground. Tourists emerging in the trucks from the tunnels. Slate built building are now the ticket office. Llanberis lake railway.

Near Dnornic and the lakes. The narrow gauge train along the side of the lake Bala Railway with sign on the shed as the 15 inch gauge locomotive passes. Open carriages and locomotive travels along the sands by the sea. Ticket seller. Footplate and firebox. Railway with town up on the hill behind. Tourists in the carriages smile as it rushes along. Tourists queue for tickets. Sign "Trains for Devil's Bridge" people on the platform. British Rail pannier tank locomotive pulls out of a station on the vale of Rheidol railway, British Rail's only steam operated line. Interior shots of passengers looking out of the windows. Locomotive chuggs up the hill. High waterfall. Sign for the Devil's Bridge Station. Prince of Wales locomotive. Rack and Pinion track system. 3500 foot summit high barren hills of Snowdonia. Lots of shots of the train climbing. A crowd of people precariously standing on the summit area. Views from the Top. Diesel passes a castle. Cambrian coast line. Montage of narrow gauge railways in Wales. Close-up of pistons. A map of Wales. "Take a holiday on the Great little trains of Wales."

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