Film: 3167

Adverts | 1960 | Sound | Colour + B/W


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Advertising film for the Electricity Board. Takes the form of three minutes of animation in which a girl settles down to watch television 1960's

We move into the television set to see a filmed play of 'The Good Old Days' (this dates from 1950s). In this a man will bemoan modern technology. When electrical appliances are removed from his life, the point will be made that they are useful really.
Man in his breakfast room. He watches kettle. He is transformed back to the eighteenth century and all his modern appliances disappear - no fire, no telephone. Maid is now dressed in eighteenth century clothes. The room acquires a chandelier. Filling a tub with water for a bath. Man argues with servants. Four poster bed and slapstick humour. Modern day telegram boy delivers a telegram.

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