Film: 3177

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Winter in Canada. Canada in winter – lots of nice scenery shots, people skiing / ice skating 1950's

Quebec, Canada. Snowy ground surrounds a white horse wearing a chequered blanket and harnessed to a sleigh, it waits patiently as a man wrapped in thick furs lays a fur blanket in the sleigh. A close up of the horses head, it looks into the camera, it is wearing blinkers. The driver stands up in the sleigh and tugs the horses blanket to encourage it to move off, he holds up the whip but does not use it. A smartly dressed couple sit in the back of the sleigh; they smile as it pulls off. A shot from behind the sleigh, the large fur blanket can be seen draped over the back of it. The horse trots along at a brisk pace, the woman in the back of the sleigh smiles and points something out to the man. Icicles hanging off the corner of guttering. Long, thin icicles hanging of the edge of building (reminiscent of Christmas decorations). A bare tree covered in icicles. Several shots of a waterfall almost completely frozen over, this is possibly Montmorency falls in Quebec. A snow coach, a sort of mini bus with skis instead of front wheels makes its way bumpily over terrain covered in thick snow. A series of horses pull heavy loads of logs along a snow covered path, a man and dog sit atop one of the piles, whilst another man walks beside them. Men lift the logs and move them into piles. One man moves two large logs whilst in the background logs are sliced on a buzzsaw. Close up as two men split logs using the buzzsaw. A man holds a struggling fox by it’s tail before dropping it (presumably this is a fur farm). A stag (or deer) with short, spiky antlers stands on snow covered ground (this is possibly a mule deer). A close up of the deer's face, it has large ears and it's nose twitches. Two does regard the camera nervously, they have white striped throats and wide heads (they are possibly female mule deer or even roe deer). A single female, she looks unsure of whether to run or not. Lovely shot of a stag with broad antlers bounding through the snow followed in close pursuit by three females and one young fawn. A small wolf or coyote looks at the camera and pads off. A pack of wolves or coyotes running about a snow covered enclosure. Heavy snow covers the ground - two husky dogs joined together and wearing harnesses look around eagerly. A man in a jumpsuit and baseball cap walks over to a line of dogs tethered together and wearing harnesses, he picks up the back legs of one dog (a German shepherd cross) who appears to have been caught up in the ropes and places it back on the ground, two huskies tethered behind the German shepherd cross pull eagerly on their harnesses, behind them a simple wooden sled rests on the snow. Two large huskies, one turns its head and barks. The dogs wait impatiently while the poisitioning is sorted. A shot from behind of the dogs taking off down the snowy track, eagerly pulling the sled and three men. Shot from the side, dogs run left to right of screen pulling sled with one man sat in sled, and two standing on the back. A nice shot from the perspective of the sled drive, the dogs in harnesses as they bound ahead. . A wooden cabin surrounded by well trodden snow, a man wearing a hat and coat, smoking a pipe opens the door and enters. Three men sit in the cramped interior of the cabin, curtains are blocking out the light, black and white checked tiles on the floor give it a slightly surreal look, the three men are huddled together on a bench that is slightly too small to take them all, (one man is half crouching), the two men on either side look like seasoned fishermen, the man in the middle dressed in suit and tie with shiny black shoes looks a little out of place but not unhappy. A shot of the floor of the cabin. The men holds strings of small fish up, the lines twist and turn with the weight of the fish. One man removes his fish from the line and flips open that was disguising a small hole in the wall of the cabin, he pops his fish through the hole. The hole from outside the cabin, the fish's head as it is poked through the hole and unceremoniously drops out of shot. A whole pile of the tiny fish on the snow outside the cabin (presumably to keep them refrigerated). Two people attempt to put of traditional teardrop snowshoes. The two people walks slowly off, staying on top of the heavy snow that surrounds them. Canada in wintertime. A man uses a hammer to pierce a hole in a maple tree, he places a bucket on a hook under the hole and leaves it to collect the sap in order to make syrup. A horse drawn wagon pulls a barrel of sap up a steep snow covered path.

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