Film: 3179

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


The city of Antwerp in Belgium and the Netherlands, during World War Two

Radio reports overtake of Brussels and of Antwerp. Liberation of Antwerp. Docks of Antwerp - docks and harbour. Dramatised German officers discussing why Antwerp is strategically important. Soldiers discusses problems of taking Antwerp. Bombing of Antwerp. Army briefing on taking of the city. Problems of taking Holland. Leopold Canal. Trucks through the Netherlands countryside. The battle. Flame-thrower. Aerial view of the canal - attempts to bridge it. Canadian troops in landing craft. Smoke screen is laid in. German prisoners. Refugees. Abandoned German dug outs. Windmill. People around the ruins. Re-tiling a roof. Sign: 'Antwerpen 16 km.' 2nd Canadian Division, tanks. Mine detecting. Close up of mine metal detector moving from side to side. Three soldiers inch along a road with the detector. One of them then writes on a sign saying 'Verges checked'. Sign: 'Dutch Frontiers'. Flooded scenery. Firing artillery. Engineers work on bridges, tanks across bridges. British burial ceremony. The King George V visits the front. Crossing the Skelt. Prisoners. 'Vulcan' Island under water. They have to cross a mile long causeway. Brestken. Aerial view of Flushing. Belgium and Norwegian divisions - free divisions. Weather. The battle. Sea battle. Soldiers wade ashore, through ruins and explosions. Street fighting. German's with white flag of surrender and their hands up. Large building on fire. Six days of fighting. German commander who surrenders. Dutch flag on building. Good shot of spiky sea mine. Royal Navy mine sweepers at work. Two men in a dinghy tow a sea mine with spikes. Dutch people wave at a battleship. German mosquito boats. Speed boats attack convoys. Arden Forest. Convoys to smashed Europe. 28 miles of docks - supplies to Europe.

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