Film: 318

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


An instructional film for USA troops coming to the UK during World War Two, very funny observations and stereotypes of what the GI's should expect of Britain 1940's

You can steal their women for a lipstick - but it's best not to! Very over sexed and over here !

A coffee shop, people dressed in the traditional dress of various countries including Arabia, India, and South East Asia, different military costumes, drink coffee at the bar or at tables, a map of Britain is interposed on the scene.
Dead soldiers lie sprawled in a wasteland of mud and destroyed trees, then an outline of Britain. 'One in Ten of Population,' have been a casualty in the Second World War, 'Seven in Ten of Casualties.'
A bomber flies above the clouds, 'IXOW' is written on the side and the RAF roundel. A squad of Royal Air Force bombers flies in the clouds. Six planes fly overhead, not in formation. R.A.F. planes prepare to take off in Northern Africa. Planes fly by in the sky.

Destroyers sail towards us, lined with sailors on their decks. A large battleship of the British Navy sails by. Two large Navy ships sail towards us. A navy ship sails into an ocean swell. The deck of an aircraft ship, another boat sails behind. Officers raise up to the deck of an aircraft carrier on a plane elevator in front of a large parade of troops. A member of the Royal Family walks along the deck of a ship, reviewing the sailors. An old man sits on the front steps of a house with a little boy, between sits a model of a three masted schooner in full sail, the elderly man points to the masts. Over a railing, the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and far away a convoy of the British Merchant Navy bob and sail on the sea.

Over a railing, three ships of the Merchant Marine. Spray comes off the keel of a merchant ship, the bow ploughs into the waves. A man in merchant marine uniform climbs the crosstrees of a mast, swaying to and fro in the ocean. Ice coats the side of a ship, a man stands on the foredeck as spray washes up on the deck. Two sailors work in the engine room of a ship, one turns a screw in a pipe in the ceiling. A worried looking man sits on the side of a bunk. A man pulls back the curtain around his bunk and looks down, he holds a bird.

A boat is torpedoed, a huge explosion as the torpedo hits. Two men swing out from the deck of a ship on ropes hanging from divots. Two men land in a life boat, helped by one man already there. In blackness, a man helps an injured man towards the light outside the ship. Water rises inside a ship, slowly covering a ladder. Men run through water up a ladder, carrying clothes. A man swings down a rope from the top of a ship to a waiting lifeboat. A man slides down a rope from above. Legs run through knee-deep water. A man jumps off a flooded deck with a life preserver on. A man dives off the side of a ship. A man jumps into the sea, joining two men already there. A man does the front crawl. A sailor bobs in the ocean in a life vest. A man haul himself into a lifeboat as sailors row it, another sailor with a life preserver on hangs on at the stern.

A naval officer walks down a gangplank, behind him a man wrapped in a blanket is helped by another man in uniform, other men in blankets are behind him. The faces of women and young children in a crowd. The men wrapped in blankets walk in front of the crowd.

A man works at a machine with rolled up shirt sleeves. 'John Briton,' he makes a cutting movement with his hand. 'John Briton' considers it 'bad form' to talk about himself, he pulls a lever on the machine. Two air force pilots stand talking in front of a Spitfire. The two men turn towards us, 'Oh, she's [the Spitfire] not a bad little kite.' Hermann Goering in Nazi uniform, his arms crossed in front of him, he has seen the damage the spitfire can do. Goering in full dress uniform, using his arms to emphasize his points talks to people.

A man comes down a long staircase from a ship. The police bobby at the bottom of the stairs greets him, they shake hands, and exchange greeting, then the man walks on, leaving the fact that he spent two days in the Atlantic after being torpedoed unspoken, he walks away down a set of railway tracks along the dock area.
An elderly man in RAF uniform, Whitney Brown, the first man to fly the Atlantic non-stop from Newfoundland to Ireland. He stands in front of a plane talking with another RAF pilot, they shake hands, they continue talking. A large crowd in 1919, gathers around a car from which British and American flags fly, a much younger Whitney Brown is hauled off the back of the car by the crowd onto the shoulders of a couple of men. Whitney Brown greets people from his perch on top of the shoulder's of the crowd. A large crowd pills around, people clap and throw their hats up.
A man sits in front of a tub of potatoes, around him are tubs of peeled potatoes, he has on a hat with a turned up brim, an American soldier, he is transformed into a British soldier in uniform.

A parade ground of the British military , more soldiers march over to line up behind the troops already present. The entire parade ground full of British soldiers, all men between 18 and 41 are in uniform. A man with a moustache and a gun over his shoulder comes out of the door of a house, a woman runs after him with a bag and helmet, she hands it to him and he puts it over his shoulder. A group of older men in uniform, men up to 51 are being drafted as well. Hands turn the page of a book, a cartoon with a man with children hanging off him stands in front of a nurse, the number of dependents does not matter. Men hang over a counter. A military man instructs a man filling out a form.

Naval women march in formation. A woman in the air force types at a desk, then her hands typing. Women in the Land Army drive tractors and harvesters over a field. A ferry pilot, a woman laughs in front of a plane. Another woman laughs in front of the same plane. Another pilot laughs with them. A row of women in the fire brigade put on boots. A large gun manoeuvres upwards, with female soldiers working at the base of it. A female soldier looks through a scope on the gun, straightens and gives orders. Another woman looks through a scope , another woman watches her. Another woman soldier takes a measurement and yells it out. A blonde soldier looks through a scope with another woman watching her and yells instructions.

A whistle blows. A row of women separate sheets of metal apart. A woman works at a machine. Another woman works at a machine, 'Any woman up to 41 can be drafted to work in war plants.' A pair of arms turns a piece of machinery. A woman concentrates, her hair tied in a kerchief. A woman high up in a crane lifts a load of shell casings. The woman works the crane. A woman works at a machine.
A man with a bag around his neck comes through a doorway and blows a whistle. A man at a machine puts on a helmet. Another man at a machine puts on a helmet as an air raid siren goes off. An old man with his helmet on works at a machine and winks. A man takes his hat off his bald head and scratches it; puts on his helmet. The winking man works.

Smoke billows out of smoke stacks of a factory, then a tall hill at the top of which are more factories. A landscape of factories and smoke stacks vaguely visible through smog, trains come and go, the bigger smoke stacks. A poster of a quaint village, 'Old Country Towns'. A poster with a church and a mountain, 'Dunkeld Cathedral', A poster with a medieval church surrounded by trees, 'England: Winchester Cathedral'. A poster, two people running down to a beach, 'Forget worry in a Southern Californian Vacation'. Industry is not mentioned in vacation advertisements. A pastoral landscape from the top of a hill. Cows walk through a grove of trees looking over fields. The smoking steel mills of Sheffield. A large pit and smoke stacks of the 'Pittsburgh of Britain' A seaside house boats drawn up on the sand, ropes from sailboats. A calm stream, a house beside it, then the towering walls and towers of a church. A large piece of ships deck is lifted by ropes over the gunwales in a shipyard of the River Clyde. Shipwrights work on a large ship. The piece of deck lowers to the ground. The ornate front of a cathedral, then its towers. The smoggy, smoking city of Birmingham. The smoke stacks and industrial area of Glasgow. The factories of Manchester. A train speeds through the train yard in Leeds. A locomotive spouts smoke from its stack as it runs along a river. A locomotive moves along the tracks in front of chimneys. A locomotive moves towards a factory. Smoke pours out of a smoke stack.
Men wearing masks and goggles weld something. Two men move something in a furnace. A glowing piece of metal is hit by a hammer. Shells roll along a piece of wood. Women work at polishing large guns. A man watches as a truck full of shells drives by, he is surrounded by more shells. A train car packed with shells. Men work at a large machine.

'War Munitions for Britain, Urgent', then the words on a lorry driving along a highway in the United States of America. A map of the Atlantic and the coastal areas around it, bullet shapes move along lines from the U.S.A. and are swallowed by Great Britain, the Lend-Lease program is contributing to the war effort. A plane takes off. Three planes fly low over the landscape. A long line of tanks moves through a town. A tank is loaded on a platform. A tank moves towards another tank. 'TANKS FOR RUSSIA, Movie tone News.' Men watch as tanks move forward. A tank moves forward. Cows move across a posture, 'Lend-Lease in reverse.' Boxes of good stacked up, a forklift moves among them. Piles of goods in boxes, Britain has given goods free to American troops. An English town by a river , then two soldiers look over a bridge at the river. Two soldiers walk down a street of shops, they enter a shop. A tank rolls along a country road. Men on motorcycles pass by rapidly. A raft of jeeps pass. A line of motorcycles with sidecars. A group of tanks pass. A British soldier stands at attention fully equipped. A girl sits at a dressing table holding a mirror up, she puts on lip stick, the lipstick disappears because Britain is mobilized for total war and lipstick is a luxury, the girl looks upset. An officer comes up some stairs on a sidewalk by a river, a soldier salutes in passing, a woman passes him, he looks back at her. The woman's legs as she walks. Her legs as she goes down the stairs. A group of women's les walking, none of them wear stockings. Men's and women's legs going up and down stairs. A man in overalls walks towards a car and approaches the window. A man hands a ration coupon to him and holds up one finger, the USA only has gas rationing. A car up on blocks, the British get no gas at all. The sign post of a pub. A pub owner turns from his till an starts laughing, whiskey is not available. A waving field of grain. A tractor pulls a harvester. A man paints 'Hitler' on a bomb. A load of whiskey is lifted above the heads of dock workers. The whiskey is lowered into the hold. The men in the hold reach for the ropes of the load. A man uses a crowbar to take off a plank marked' Made in USA' from a crate. A woman works a 'Cincinnati Bickford' machine. A machine turns, 'OHIO, the Ohio Machine Tool Co., Kenton Ohio'. 'Niles Tool Works, Hamilton Ohio.' 'The Cincinnati Planer Co. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.' 'American Hole Wizard.' ' Barnes Drill Co. Rockford Ill. USA.' The British paid cash for these good to help get the US munitions industry started. The woman works the Cincinnati Bickford. A huge cargo is moved over the gunwales of a ship by a crane. A tank is lowered, men grab a hold of it as it comes down. A net full of sacks comes towards us.
A poster, 'Highnetts Pilot Flake,' then a sign 'No Cigarettes Today.' A man reaches for a pack of cigarettes on the counter behind him, and puts them down on the counter in front of him. The man in front of the counter reaches into his pocket, 40 cents ( two shillings) for a package of cigarettes. A stack of coins, a hand separates them into twelve cents and twenty-eight cent piles, twenty -eight cents for tax.
A 'Boston Evening Globe' paper, the headline 'British spend 40,000,000 per day on war.' The smoking factories. More smoke tacks. Bricklayers work on a building. A man works shovelling into the shovel of a front end loader, another man lifts a bucket, the tractor pulls away. The tractor drives towards us. 'Low income Tax 28%.'
A bride steps out of a smart car, a man takes her bouquet, she goes up some church stairs on her father's arm. 'High Income Tax, 97 1/2 %.' A crowd of men all in working clothes with hats on . A group of working men walk. A group of men walk along a fence. Men and women come out of a factory, some ride away on bicycles. Man walk away from us. A queue of men in a ration line. Women, many in nurses uniforms, walk towards a hospital. Nurses walk along a sidewalk. Factory workers leave a processing plant. A harvester works on a grain field in Canada. Sheep mill around on a field in Australia. A fleet of ships on the sea, Britain prefers to spend its money on arms. A Russian sits on a tank, with 'Good old Joe' written on it. A group of planes from America. Troops walk along a dock, in front of a troop ship packed with men going to the Mediterranean. Britons walk along a sidewalk. Men and women exit a gate. A group of men turn a corner, the British have been on rations for two years. Men leave their work place. Three babies sit at a counter, one sticks a spoon in their mouths. A girl waits as a woman spoons out food.

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