Film: 3187

Railways | 1960 | Silent | B/W


Colour amateur home movie of steam railways in Northern Ireland in mid 1960's.

Good footage, well shot and exposed. A good twenty plus minutes on Northern Ireland's steam railways.
Steam train travelling through countryside in Co. Derry near the Foyle River.
Train skirting a sandy beach. Level crossing.
A very unusual treble header or rare triple header with three locomotives pulling a train of carriages. Wheels spin on rails on the third loco.
Good long shots of trains in countryside - taken with aid of a tripod. Men turn steaming locomotive on a turntable. Londonderry railway station sign. Locomotive runs backwards through countryside. Very good sustained shots of trains passing - some shots are over 25 seconds long. Excellent. Train enters tunnel. Kellswater sign. Crumlin sign. Taking on water. Signal box. By the coast passing a caravan park. One or two photographers around so this must be the very last days of steam power on the Northern Irish railways. Engines with tenders behind. Passing a platform. Inside signal box. Long shot of engine shunting train of wagons through countryside. Sign for Junction Row, presumably in Portadown. Engine Lough Erne (which was later rescued by a preservation railway). Many more clips (again several over 20 seconds long) of railway trains in various locations - town, country and coastal. Sign readying 'Beware of the Trains'. Viaduct and embankment with steam train puffing along.

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