Film: 3188

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Holidays in less often visited places in Britain 1960's

Countryside. Riveaulx Abbey. Ramblers in train. Green bus to Taunton. Rucksacked ramblers. Cooking breakfast in hostels. Dormitory in Youth Hostel. Horse riding in Wales. Hanton Mill in Norfolk. Canoeing. Camp fire lunch. Cornwall. Torbay Hostel. Llangollen dancing, Wales, the International Eisteddfod. Irish linen making. Irish hostels. Melrose Hostel. Castle Hostel. Washrooms in hostels. Dining room of hostel.
Beautifully filmed British scenery. Late teenage girl and boy climb a steep wooded slope. They reach a ruined castle. He points to beyond camera. A misty scene of fields below. The Long Man of Wilmington, carved chalk figure on a hillside. A panoramic sweep from the same. Norfolk Broads (?) and reeds in foreground with two sailing boats on a broad stretch of water. Ruined fine stone building in a valley. Scottish river and mountains. A pan along dusty track in Highlands of Scotland. View of woods through window of train. Point of view along twin railway track as train travels round a bend. Three youths in a carriage. A fellside and lake, probably in the Lake District. From bridge of ship, the bows with passengers leaning on rail. Close up of two rather windswept young women. A green double-decker bus passing a stone building near a wooded area. The destination board of the bus is ‘Taunton’. Twenty something male and female hikers and ramblers get off back of bus. They carry heavy rucksacks. One has a pipe. The young men and women all wear shorts. A close up of a frying pan full of a sizzling breakfast of bacon, eggs and potatoes. In a Youth Hostel, a young man and young woman stand next to each other, both frying breakfasts. Man uses slice to serve food onto a plate. Refectory eating area. People sit down at table. Close up of wood chopping. People inspecting boots, two women sitting on grass peeling potatoes. Man empties small bin into external dustbin. Somebody sweeping a wooden floor. A couple in doorway say cheerio. Man in beret exits a green painted door. Close up of key being turned in lock. Highlands of Acht na Buille ?) in very north of Scotland, a man crosses a stream over a burn. Capel-y-ffin in the Brecon Beacons, South Wales where people rides horses – pony trekking. Young women leaving hostel at Alfreston in Sussex, two walk off and two ride bicycles. Young man fishing with a fishing rod at a mill on the edge of the fens. Two boys stop on a small wooden bridge by mill. Cyclists lay their bikes on their sides on grass near ruined Rievaulx abbey in the Yorkshire Moors National Park. People enter ruins and stroll about. Yachting. A couple sitting in a canoe travelling down the fast flowing River Wye. Individual and double canoes on Loch Lomond in Scotland, a group of 15 or 20 canoes. Canoes lined up on beach. People on beach cook around bonfires. A saucepan on a fire. A man eating straight from a can of Heinz Baked Beans. People relax on beach of lock. Man throws stones in water.
In Cornwall, people make their way away from building. Beach of Treyarnon? Man lying on surfboard as it drifts in. He runs to woman who hands him a towel with which he wipes and dries his face. Ireland – a beach. Whitepart Bay? Two women walk along beach to where man lies in his swimming trunks on beach. They lay towels on beach and sit on them. Women run and dive into sea. Man lies and sunbathes.
A rocky river, water cascading over rocks. In a wood a couple carry rucksacks on their backs. A close shot of a man rock climbing. Man nearing top of climb to where another man is waiting for him. Outside a youth hostel, people walk down a staircase. This is in Torbay. These youngsters are learning to swim and dive with aqualungs. Girls rolls backwards off boat into water. Peculiarly the learners go swimming fully clothed in jeans and pullovers. Man climbs up bats ladder and feels his wet pullover.
Llangollen International Music Eisteddfod. Large number of people dancing. They dance the eightsome reel. The young people really enjoy themselves. Lots of participation and willingness to join in. In Northern Ireland a couple of women ride horses, one with a small pack on her back. They ride past a whitewashed cottage outside which two linen makers sit. Elderly women indicates pattern of her embroidery. As girls walk up drive of YHA hostel, a local passes standing up in his horse-drawn cart. Two other people sit in cart with him.
Several youth hostels as people arrive – Melrose, St Briavels Castle near Forest of Dean, a Scottish Castle where a couple amble past a fountain. On a lawn a young man feeds rabbits lettuce. Young man enters gate of hostel and waves to someone in the window. He enters hostel front door. Man pays female warden for the night’s stay. In men washroom, one man washes his foot in a low sink, another man talking to him as a third enters. Young men shake hands. Canteen with very packed tables. Youngsters perform traditional dancing in hall. Girls have superb 1950’s dresses – huge, billowing and bright. Three women meet three men. A man reading a notice on notice-board. Girl and boy play darts. Elderly gent playing a piano in common room. Couple of girls comment on a page in a glossy magazine. Faces of youngsters gather round a bonfire. Women’s dormitory, two pairs of bunk beds both occupied. Girl with magazine. Man in bed reading a book, puts book down, turns and switches off light. External night-time view of hostel as lights are switched off, leaving just one. A sleeping man. A few Scottish loch side hostels at night.

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