Film: 3190

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


North Wales and the Llangollen International Festival 1950's

Menai Strait, Castles, Portmeirion. Snowdonia, Lakes. Rock climbing. Farmers at show or market. Sheep. Rainbow over lake.
North Wales. Travelogue. Starts with series of views of countryside and mountains. Snowdonia. A flock of sheep grazing on rough grass. Lake in foreground, Snowdon mountain range in background. Rhododendron growing. Wind blowing through leaves of oak tree, mists and low cloud falling on Snowdon. A rainbow passing in front of mountains and into lake. Fly fisherman or angler on shores of lake casts a line. Sandy Welsh beach. Panorama of a beach with tourists enjoying themselves. Included in the shot are children digging with spades and a man asleep in a deckchair. Children running out of sea towing inflatable dinghy behind. Child in dinghy stands up and falls down. Toddler at edge of sea bends and puts his hands in the sea. Children digging in sand of beach with spades. Girl runs past camera poisition and jumps into a pool in the sea. Two boys stand on rocks by sea with fishing nets. They look hopefully into nets. Long shot of an inlet with lots of moored boats. Long shot of quayside. Boat activity. A boatman painting top of hull of his boat. A sailor holding a pipe in his mouth. Raising sail of boat. Two men in small sailing dinghy which is performing a tight turn. Sail boat sails away on sea.
Sheep farmer penning his sheep. He stands under a large pink-purple flowering bush, possibly a rhododendron. Collie sheepdog at work herding flock of sheep. Sheep are penned in walled enclosure. A succession of farmers walking up a steep metalled road in groups of twos and threes. An open air livestock auction of cattle, bullocks and sheep. Many of men, auctioneer included wear hats. Closer shots of several men. Close shot of tightly packed flock of sheep with coloured identifying marks on their fleeces.
A railway steam train pulling at least five carriages passing a castle, possibly Conway Castle. Mountain. A Snowdon mountain stream. Stream tumbling down mountain in a waterfall. This is the Swallow Falls. Shot with tourists standing on wooden bridge in front of falls. River with yellow dandelion-like flowers next to it. Little girl and two boys clamber over rocks in their swimming trunks and plimsolls. Clothed boy climbing rock on hillside. Rock climbing in Snowdonia. Man nearing top of a mountain or rocky outcrop. He climbs with a rope. Three ramblers sit on a wall and jump off and start walking Ramblers walking on path up from Pen-Y-Pass? Passing a lake. Caernarfon Castle, views over water and shots inside castle as family stroll about. Conway Castle with a fisherman working on his large sea-going fishing boat or trawler in front. Boys and men wander on quayside. A single-decker green bus passing in front of the castle. Harlech Castle. Gwydir Castle at Llanrwst. Male peacock. Peahen and chick. Portmeirion. Menai Suspension Bridge. Llangollen Bridge and the river. The town. Participants in the International Eisteddfod. Women wearing wonderful lace headdresses. A central European dance troup. Welsh girls wearing traditional Welsh costumes. Cossack style dancing, whirling women, leaping men. Various European dancing groups. Asian women, possibly from Bali perform slow dance, whilst kneeling.
Concluding views of mountains rivers and coastline of North Wales

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