Film: 3191

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


A film about Blackpool, Southport and Morecambe, Lancashire. Good for holiday scenes of the 1950's and for film of fishermen. Nice shots of the beaches and surrounding landscape. The traditional British seaside holiday.

Credits appear with Lancaster, Blackpool and Southport highlighted on a map of the coast and as the credits disappear the voice over begins.

Blackpool beach packed with holiday makers appears, with beach huts (?) scattered on the beach. Southport beach, deserted except for a few lone people and a tractor pulls a bunch of seated people back from the sea.

Green hills, against the backdrop of a blue sky stand dominantly in the foreground. A rainbow through the sky goes over the hills. Hills, partly made up of rock, obscure the land behind, but we see the roads and possibly a church in front of them.

Beauty Contest. A woman with her back to the camera and a black swimming suit on walks past a group of men leaning on a low wall, and walks up some steps. Bathing beauty Number 23, another girl in the competition, walks past a crowd of men, women and children, smiling and dressed in blue. Another competitor dressed in red, smiles and parades for the Morecambe Swimming Pool Show. Standing by the pool is a blonde haired woman, wearing a yellow costume, who then turns to the crowd and displays her number. Close of the girl smiling and her hair moving in the breeze, whilst the crowd looks on.

Red petals with thin pointed leaves. Close up of sign for Southport Flower Show. Given a picture of the whole sign, we see that it is held from the 24th, 25th, 26th August 1955, whilst people file by. A line of people queue to enter the show's grounds, with the white tents in the background and other people come towards the show from different directions. People mill through the paths which have tents on either side. Large white tents dominate the background whilst people wander round the show. In what seems to be a greenhouse, a man and woman talk whilst another man walks past them. Two men, one wearing a hat are stood near ladder which are upright and the other gentleman shows his customer his wares, whilst people in the background queue for ice cream. Lying on the grass outside a tent is a man with his hat over his eyes trying to have a quick sleep. Close up of a flower. Two flowers which have bloomed, whilst a third is still closed. The stamen of a flower.

Back at the competition, the girl dressed in the blue suit, Number 23, smiles to the crowd and then walks out of the picture. The male sleeping on the grass is still there.

Also part of the Southport Flower show is a riding competition. Riders on horseback, some dressed in black and other red, get themselves ready for the start of the contest. One competitor cleans her horses shoes out in preparation. A boy, on a light brown horse, with a woman holding the reigns and a policeman standing by the side, waits to be called. The boy's face clearly shows his nerves. Five men, here to see the competition, two in flat caps, have their back to the camera and watch as riders go by. Riding a dark brown horse, a boy canters to the field and past the crowd. He gallops round the field and jumps a fence. Another fence to contend with, but this time its a grey one. A brown and white horse jumps the next fence.

Back at the swimming competition, contestant number 5 walks past the camera. A girl dressed in a yellow swim suit walks along the side of the pool.

By the sea, two boys, paddle at the edge of the sea and one splashes about. Other people soon join them, one wearing a red bathing costume, a boy with an inflatable, all of them playing and having fun. By the water's edge, children throw a ball, sit in inflatable rings and have the pier behind them. One young girl, wearing a blue swimming costume, helps her little brother, in an inflatable ring, out of the water. An older male, fully clothed in rolled up trousers, braces and a t-shirt is paddling close to the young girl in the blue swim suit, who now has the inflatable ring. A father with his son on his shoulder is emerging from the sea. A young couple throw a ball to one another at the water's edge. In an effort to cool down, everyone is taking a dip in the ocean. Nevertheless, the beach is still crowded with people in deckchairs. One girl puts a blouse on over her costume, whilst a man dresses next to her. Two teenage girls being wooed by a boy with his arms round them, laugh playfully. One couple trying to sleep lie together and close their eyes. Friends out for the day, chat, smoke and change in to their costumes. Watched by a friend, a mother makes sure her son is safe in the sun by covering him in suntan lotion. Whilst a girl dries herself with a towel, two men sit in deckchairs and look out to sea. Obviously popular the beach is swarming with people.

In the countryside of the area, two men wander through a harvested field, with a circular building in the background. Set against a pebbly beach, a row of houses sit on a raised area, whilst the waves wash against the sand. The sea comes and washes the beach. It also rolls over rocks. However, the waves continue to make it to land. Breakers hit the beach and parts of marshland. Grass is covered by water.

However, two men, one bald, one in a suit, dig up the turf, as a dog look on; the bald man is more prominent. They use spades to pick up the squares and put them in piles. As the dog sleeps, his owner continues to make piles of turf. The piles are quite small. The men are working on a low mount just above the sea. The turf is used in golf courses and a golfer, hits his ball and then goes to take another shot. It is Arthur Askey the comedian. He gets it in and smiles at the camera. As he writes his score down, he makes faces at the camera.

Poster of Arthur Askey over a theatre, tells us that he is performing for holiday makers. A different sign is shown with other performers. The circus is also in town and on either side of a roaring lion are elephants and horses. Other attractions in Blackpool, include the promenade and the famous tower. People wander round, some with babies in pushchairs, others with hankies on their heads to get relief from the heat. Girls in swimming costumes walk through the crowds and are joined by their friends. A lone girl walks as if on her way somewhere.

In attempts to get business, a man stands on a platform , and talks to the crowd about the show 'Moulin Rouge'. Two women and a man share a joke, with another woman joining in later. Blackpool Tower is always prominent in the skyline, as is the promenade. With the beach so close, women stand at the top of the stairs and look down to the sand. The beach is scattered with a few holiday makers. Alone, a woman looks down at the sand and sea. The pier itself, just ends in the sea and has what appears to be a theatre at the far end. It is also a place to dance, with friends, or as a couple. Football is also possible, a lower portion of a person's body shown dribbling a ball. The player is revealed as Stanley Matthews (?). Close up of dribbling with the ball. Stanley smiles at the camera. Back on the dance floor a couple look lovingly in to one another's eyes and talk.

When trying to eat and drink, we are told by a sign that 'Champagne on Draught' is best. To accompany it, oysters are ideal and this stall will be happy to help; its produce is watered by the assistant and also includes muscles and other shellfish. Some prefer to catch their own fish, with the help of a net and this man is showing us how. Fishermen like these are experienced and use nets to catch whitebait and sea trout, with wicker fences at the side. Two young boys look on. One fisherman moves the whitebait from the net to buckets and the trout to baskets where one boy piles them neatly. Others prefer to stand on the pier, in their black waterproof coat. Three men stand with a woman, fishing and are being blown by the wind. A captured fish is taken off the hook. Two men and a boy stand, fishing, with one of the men, casting off. Another boy watched by an elderly man casts his line into the sea. One man reels in his rod to see what he has caught. Its an eel! Others have little success and only manages to catch two small Dat (?) fish, which are weighed. The scales weigh other fish.

The tractor carrying passengers to the sea moves towards the water. The passengers, including a man with a flat cap, a woman with a hat and another man wearing glasses look at the view as they go. Onlookers watch as it enters the sea.

Fishing boats in the water go past. Six women wave the ship off from a wooden platform. The fishermen wave back and a seagull flies past. Dressed in a red coat and with a baby in her arms a wife waves her husband off. He waves back as smoke billows out of the ship's chimney. Having put her child down they both wave from the beach. Ship moves through water. A boy with his mother waves as the ship passes.

The tractor comes out of the water and moves towards the promenade. The driver and a man dressed in a white shirt move past onlookers. It gets closer to the top of the beach.

A fanned yacht with a red sail glides across the sand past a red building. A white sailed yacht moves along the sand and we see three men on it. Two yachts seem to be on display and passers by look at them. An elderly gentleman gauges the wind speed (?). White sailed yacht moves down the beach. Side view as it moves. See driver steering it. Man and woman stand and look at gauge. The sail is seen. Man looks at speed. See beach from the perspective of the yacht. See the two drivers.

A Rollercoaster goes past with passengers on. Girl is smiling as she rides on the twister. Two girls on the rollacoaster laugh as it goes round. View of the ground as if in the twister ride. Girl with, thick white beaded necklace and ponytail screams on a ride. Dressed in red, a girl looks ill. A girl with brown hair closes her eyes.

Fireworks explode in the night sky. Illuminations light up. Trams are also lit and ones drives past. Street lamps have lights in the shape of deer. Another one is a spider. Whilst another is a ram (?). Not all the lights are coloured, some are just white. The name Blackpool is illuminated. The tower is naturally full of lights. This is perfect for couples, with the man able to put his arm round his girlfriend to keep her warm. Side view of the couple. We see the lights go on all the way down the promenade. A couple smile, chat, whilst leaning on railings, and the film ends as they kiss.

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