Film: 3192

Canals + Waterways | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Waterways film covering cargo delivery from Hull to Nottingham and maintenance to canal and river ways structure 1950's

Two men sit at a desk talking across the desk to each other, a model canal boat sits on the desk. A line of canal barges floating along a canal. Back to the office where one man speaks into an intercom panel on the office wall, before resuming his conversation. Another man enters the office, the other two stand and all three look down at the desk talking. Canal barges going through locks, one boat is called Kingfisher. Churning canal waters as filmed from the back of a boat. In the office two men talk while the other writes notes on a small pad. The boss nods and the other two men leave the office. A UK map shows the four canals regions, the Mersey in the North West, Humber in the North East, Thames in the South East and Severn in the South West. A map just of the North East region. Various views of wide canals with load carrying crafts plying along the waters. Close up of river pilot in his canal boat cabin. POV of the captain as he travels along the canal. Work to strengthen canal banks with steel pylons. Modernising of locks, cranes in the background of a site where work is being carried out. Welding. Boat building. A new boat is lowered into the canal, it is a small tug like vessel for moving dredging hoppers. Men look on with interest. View down to the canal, a man stands on deck of the now floating boat. A large canal barge being built. Close up of the bow of the Lady Kerr as she is launched into the water. The same men or company executives look on and smile. A model of a new cargo depot for the canals. The depot being built on a factory site, digger moving earth, men supervise, men row a small boat out into the canal. Large empty factory space. Another warehouse being built, steel shuttering is raised by pulley to the roof level. Another view of a large partially built and empty warehouse. Bostock cargo depot near Leeds, cranes jut out over the water and a barge passes by.

A model of surging water over a weir is watched at a Research Station to see the effect it has on the river bed. A man places a wedge at the base of the weir which results in a more even, less damaging flow of water. The reconstruction of Cromwell Weir and Lock on the Trent, diggers and cranes at work. Men in suits work with models to deal with problems caused by tides and currents. A machine prints out graphs. Map of the North Eastern division. A finger points at the map and moves across the map following the routes of the waterways.

Hull docks, busy with ships being loaded and unloaded. Barges amongst the larger ships. Stacks of timber being unloaded. Close up of the hull of a Russian vessel. Timber loaded into railway carts for moving off the docks. Barge named Thames, being loaded with rolls of paper for newsprint. Three men watch the rolls being lowered and help them into the barge. A man signals down with his arm. The winch operator looks down into the hull. Men man-handle the cargo with ropes. A man signals stop with his hand. Men place wooden covers over the barge’s cargo. A canvas cover is pulled over the barge and roped down. View of ships and barges in Hull docks, the sun is setting and it is quiet.

Man in overalls oils a diesel engine in a barge’s engine room. Man washes hands in a sink and wipes them on a towel. Man climbs down a ladder in a barge or boat’s cabin. The man who was washing his hands sits at a table and picks up some paperwork and a pen. The man who climbed down the ladder stair stands at the sink washing his hands. The man at the table nods and looks down at his paperwork. He glances up. A clock face showing 5.30. Bow of a barge called Thames. Reg no Hull 1304. Boat leaves Hull Docks via lock. Other boats all leaving at the same time. View of lock gates closing. The barge waits in the lock against the wall, as it fills. View of lock gates opening. Boats exiting the lock. Captain at the wheel of the barge, another crew member on deck with a rope. They are collecting a dumb boat to tow. Crew member attaches a thick tow rope to secure the two boats. View from the rear showing the tow rope tightening and the other barge being towed. Skipper at the wheel. Crew man tidies ropes on deck. Barges travel along a wide river. Footage continues as it switches between the crew in the wheelhouse and views of the boat and the load they are towing. View of the engine running.

An office, woman typing at one desk, man seated at a desk behind her. A younger man approaches the seated man with some charts. The charts are rolled out on the man’s desk and together they discuss them. View of charts over shoulder of the seated man. The younger man rolls up the charts and leaves the office, walking toward the camera.

Newark. A rope is thrown over a tie off point alongside the canal. Wide view of barge as it comes to a stop, factory or warehouse buildings in the background. View of skipper in the wheelhouse, 2 large life rings attached to the front. Crew man jumps ashore to tie up the boat they tow. Skipper exits the wheelhouse, on the side of the doors is British Waterways. Crew man enters the engine room and turns off the engine. View of the river with barges parked up. Slow moving barges as sun sets over the river. The 2 crew sit at a table in the barge, they add sugar to mugs of tea.

A ticking clock 7.25. Engine room, engine running. View of barge as it moves along the river. Close up of crew man. Views in both directions as barge continues its journey, no longer towing another boat. View of skipper at the wheel, he checks his pocket watch. Lock keeper is turning white wheel to open lock gates. Barge heads towards the lock. Water is flowing over a sluice in the river. Barge in the lock as it fills with water. The lock keeper operates the wheel and opens the gates. The barge is waved on by the lock keeper. More views of the barge as it travels on its way. Trent Depot Nottingham is reached. The barge ties up at Meadow Lane Depot, a man is waiting to receive the rope thrown to him from the barge. A flat bed split windscreen lorry reverses on the dock. Rope tie downs on the barge are untied. Lorry trailer is unhitched. A crane moves into position. Covers on the barge’s deck are removed, revealing the rolls of paper. Ropes thrown down from the dock are tied to the rolls and each winched onto the trailer and man-handled into position. Wide view of the depot, swans preening in the foreground. Truck is reversed and hitched to the now full trailer. A man ties down the load. Truck XTV 98 drives away. Truck viewed driving along a single carriage way road. Exterior of the Telegraph’s offices Northcliff House, camera pans down to street level where the blue lorry is unloading its load in the delivery entrance.

Warehouse storing large rolls of paper, a forklift truck passes by. Overhead view of a docks or depot, large piles of coal and pitch wait to be moved. Two cargo barges on a canal. One tows a “coal train”, steel compartment boats for moving coal. Upon delivery the steel compartments are lifted off the barge and into a “coaster”, a huge mechanical lift structure than empties the compartments directly into waiting ships.

Oil being piped into an oil tanker barge, sign says inflammable. Barge proceeds along waterway. Sacks of goods being craned onto a dock. Stacks of wood fibre board unloaded. A digger unloads a cargo of feldspar. A dredging machine dredges gravel from the river bed. Gravel is stored at screeding plant. View of power station on opposite bank of the river. Site were river water is pumped into the station for cooling purposes. Water flowing back out to the river from the power station. Pleasure craft on the waterways. A canal side sign with pointers to Trent and Leicester. Small yachts on the water. Lock keeper operating a lock. Pleasure cruisers taking people out on the water.

Summary footage of docks, canals, locks, barges transporting goods through industrial areas. Traffic lights control boats. Power stations. Barges cruise under a bridge and out in wide rivers.

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