Film: 3196

War + Military | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Scrap Metal collecting, economy and recycling drive world war two 1940's

Desert Campaign 1942 and tank explodes.
Old weapons of war used to make new. Any sort of scrap metal needed to keep the steelworks in production. Collections from scrapyard of iron, steel, copper, zinc, lead which has been sorted including old crankshaft.
Steel put into furnace to become molten steel and used again. Made into mould and rolled. Forged bar hammered to make a new crankshaft and fiited into an engine.
Used to make sewing machines, aircraft, armoured vehicles, bombs, cannon shells etc.
Scrap being receoved from in the ground. Armed forces marching - drill.
Saving tins from the cookhouse. Tins crushed into blocks.
In the Baltic fishing boats are used to retrieve old shells from the sea before they are deactivated and drilled to make them safe.
Barge boat carrying scrap metal.
Sub-marine engines, gerry cans and locomotive wheels used for recycling.
Navy Base - salvage from the sea. Paddle steamer for breaking, old guns, battleships cut up and also Empress of Australia (passenger liner).
Scrap shipped by train.
Steel used for tanks, guns and equipment for the Royal Airforce.

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