Film: 3197

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Glasgow Scotland 1960's

Opening shot of passenger ship possibly on River Clyde. Glasgow's Coat of Arms in diagram form. Diagram of Scotland, voice-over tells us why Glasgow became the settlement in this region. Shots of Glasgow buses with distinctive green and orange livery, (now plain orange) in George Square. Good shot of City Chambers. Blue sky in background. Tollbooth looking northwards to High Street. Various shots of Glasgow city centre. Shot of council officers taken from outside City Chambers as bus turns right. View of sky line and Bank of Scotland in St. Vincent Street. 1960s college building dates this film at approximately 1960. Commentary states at this point Glasgow has a population of 1 million. Further shots of city centre shops with shoppers prominent. Shots of River Clyde and bridge. Central Station BEA plane arriving at Glasgow Airport AER Lingus plane. Airport terminal. Tug boats on Clyde. Panning shot showing Glasgow University building in background. Excellent view of Glasgow cathedral. Historical overview of Glasgow from 12th century using diagrams demonstrating the growth of Glasgow as a sat of educational learning. Map showing land mass of U.S.A. with which Glasgow built up a prosperous trade. Between 1740 and 1780 Glasgow's merchants made huge fortunes by importing half the tobacco smoked in Europe. Large ship on River Clyde being pulled by tugboats. Cranes in background. Glasgow furnace pouring molten steel. Foundry with large blocks of steel being moved by overhead transports. Making of ropes and anchor chairs in workshops close to shipyards. Boiler making, electrics, radar equipment manufacture. Carpet manufacture. Looms. Royal Bank of Scotland insignia. Money counting machine. Old Royal Bank of Scotland, one pound notes. Shot of Royal Exchange Square. View of tenement houses, streets and back courts. Young boys playing football. Glasgow tenements. Lord Provost arrives in full regalia at City Chambers. Housing schemes on periphery of Glasgow, possibly East Kilbride. Tenement demolition and redevelopment of city centre. Models showing proposed redevelopment of the Gorbals. Surveyor with equipment. Man pushing barrow full of concrete over plank. Mechanical digger. East Kilbride. Kirkintilloch. Cumbernauld with new factory buildings, high rise flats. Ibrox football ground on match day. Fans mill outside. Policeman on horse. Football at Hampden park with Scotland versus England football match in progress. Glaswegians leaving for annual Glasgow Fair Holidays. Passenger boat. Fairground at Glasgow. Fair in July held on Glasgow Green. Parks at Queen Margaret Drive, adjacent to BBC Scotland. Bowling green. Swing at park. Traffic including suspension bridge. Docklands.

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