Film: 3199

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Holiday film of Northen Ireland 1950's

BEA aircraft ( G-AJ HY, a DC 3 ) lands at Belfast, Northern Ireland.
The opening sequences are of the various methods of transport that take you to N.Ireland.
0m13ss A steamship is seen entering Portrush harbour.
0m32ss B.E.A. aircraft landing. No. Of aircraft to blurred to see.
1m12ss Fawcett Tour Bus No.02.659 arriving at harbour opposite the Royal Portrush Hotel.
1m23ss Exterior of R.P.H. showing entrance followed by interior shots of Lounge and Dining room.
1m46ss View of sea through large windows, immediately followed by panning shot round the bay. Portrush being a rocky peninsular and sheltered on either side by sandy beaches. People shown on the rocks.
2m08ss View across bay to West Bank.
2m13ss Harbour at West Bank with people bathing and diving into the sea.
2m34ss Swimming to and diving from floating platform.
2m38ss Swimmers and sunbathers on beach.
2m46ss Men are seen diving from boards into the harbour.
3m08ss Children in paddling pool.
3m22ss Play area with Mini Engines being driven round track by children.
3m27ss More views of beach and bathers.
3m44ss Donkey rides on beach.
4m/0ss The Hotel ballroom with dancing and entertainment every evening.
4m09ss Old–time and modern dancing in progress.
4m27ss Tea being served by waitresses wearing caps and aprons.
4m28ss Modern dancing and spectators seated round edge of dance floor.
4m50ss Various members of Dance Band are shown with more glimpses of dancers.
5m22ss Coach Tours are arranged and leave from the harbour opposite the R.P.H.
Visitors are taken to local beauty spots and places of historical and natural interest.
5m50ss A tour is leaving for the Giants Causeway.
5m57ss Coach is shown passing the centuries old Dunluce Castle.
6m07ss Giants Causeway is reached with spectacular shots including the tourists climbing and sitting on the Basalt rocks.
6m47ss The renowned “Wishing Chair” is featured. Never tell your wish or it will not come true!.
7m06ss Lots of shell ornaments and souvenirs made by local fisherman are on display.
7m20ss Return journey via Bushmill the home of the famous Bushmill Whiskey.
7m54ss Back at the hotel with the tourists ready for dinner.
8m0ss The dining room with diners.
8m08ss A night scene of Pipers and drummers marching along street.
8m21ss The recreation ground with gymnasts performing, followed by a fireworks display.
9m16ss The recreation ground shown in daylight with all the many activities that take place there. Bowling, Putting and Tennis Courts are all featured in action.
10m12ss Another trip, this time to Londonderry. Coming into the town a clock tower is featured and various street scenes are shown.
10m49ss The walk circling the town on the best preserved 17th century town walls in the U.K. with points of interest on route are all included in the Guide’s commentary.(not narrated on this film)
10m59ss Site of “Cowards Bastion”
11m10ss A line of five of the cannons that defended the city during its long siege.
11m14ss A view through a gap in parapet looking over the town.
11m42ss One of the four gateways that surround the town.
11m59ss The War Memorial in the centre of the square known as the Diamond.
12m14ss The Guildhall and its marvellous stained glass windows views of which are shown from the exterior and the interior. A feature not to be missed on a visit to Londonderry.
12m54ss Return journey via the cliffs at Downhill and Magiligan Strand.
13m21ss A short stop at Castlerock.
13m26ss View across the bay to Port Stewart.
13m42ss Paddling pool.
13m46ss Family on beach.
13m49ss The Yearly N.W.200 Motor Cycle Road Race taking place on circuit covering Portbraddon, Port Stewart and Portrush.
14m31ss Back to Tour buses.
14m46ss Whist Drive in the hotel.
15m22ss Interior of bus on its way to Glens of Antrim.
15m52ss A walking tour of Glenariff Glen with its waterfalls and rustic bridges,
17m25ss Close up view of the “Tears of the Mountain Fall.”
17m48ss The Teahouse at the end of the walk.
18m0ss Shows buses waiting to continue the trip back along the edges of the Glens of Glenariff.
18m07ss The coast of Scotland in the background.
18m26ss Halt at “Vanishing Lake” sometimes full of water or dry as a bone.
19m0ss Homeward bound via Ballycastle, stopping at many places of interest on route.
Not shown on film.
20m08ss Last night at the hotel is Carnival Night – Band playing in ballroom with dancers in Fancy Dress- followed by Fancy Dress Parade. Panning shot of spectators. Plenty of close- ups of Fancy Dress competitors. Prizes being presented by Mrs Fawcett.
Every child received prize.
22m37ss Waitresses again serving tea.
22m47ss Bartenders busy at bar.
23m09ss Line up of Fancy Dress competitors.
23m18ss Tag line:- For further information apply to your local Travel Agent.
23m24ss The End.

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