Film: 3202

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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The Highlands of Scotland in the 1940's

Various short sequences of the highlands including mountains and lochs. Deserted crofts. Mountain and hillside burns. Hydro-electric dam. Pylons. Large machines used to harness the energy of the water flowing down the mountain hills. Blasting of large hillside possibly near Glen Tunnel or Glengarry. Large digger removes earth. A wide variety of nationalities work on the construction of the dam. Construction of the Tunnelgarry project. The mechanics of construction continues. Three workers leave the entrance of the cluny or clunie tunnel, a three mile long tunnel constructed from excavation through granite rock. Preparations are made to blast through the rock.

After the dust has settled the rock is quickly removed by machine and the work continues. Broken rock and soil is carried on sloping conveyor belts. Young Ukrainians who have been employed to build the dam. Bridge at Killiecrankie, now gone after the construction of another dam. Houses which have been lost under the massive new lake created by the dam. Saturday cricket match on the new sports Pavilion built below the second proposed dam. A man takes down readings in a room full of large dials, possibly near the base of the new power station.
Interesting short film about the construction of a dam in Northern Scotland.

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