Film: 3208

Entertainment + Leisure | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Children's amateur talent show. Has great squeamish kitsch value, some brilliant 1950's style set design and must be useful for something ...

An early television recording of a talent show for precocious children featuring Carroll Levis, a Canadian, as the Master of Ceremonies. Opening shot of a close up of a pre-teen girl clapping. Whole audience of children and adolescents clapping animatedly. Carroll Levis introduces a 12 year old girl - Anne Docherty - who is to sing a song about a teddy bear. No footage of her. James Gaskill is introduced by Levis who talks to him about being a sea captain. Jean and Marion are two 12 year old girls who dance the Charleston dressed in fringed flapper dresses singing "I Want to do the Charleston" and "All I Do is Dream of You the Whole Night". Great 1950's material for the background curtains! Betty Lewer sings "Watermelon Hanging on the Vine" and dances in a farmyard setting with braids in her hair. Carroll Levis talks to the acts in a group about the only boy in the show - a girl bemoans the fact that James Gaskill is not Elvis. James Gaskill in a backdrop of stylised 1950's stars (astronomical rather than movie!) sings "My Love is Like a Red Red Rose". He is awful in the tradition of children with pushy stage mothers but also seems a little embarrassed. Carroll talks to a young acrobat about what she would do if she could not go on the stage. Final sequence is of half a dozen young girls (the Swift Pirates) in black leotards dancing out of time with knives as props, to a song about Spanish Galleons.

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