Film: 3210

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Scenes of young boy from Mexico his environment, family life and quest for new shoes! 1950's

Boy aged approximately 10 walks along dust track in Mexican valley with mountain scenery and fields of corn, white tiered monument in background. Panning shot of mountains down to valley with trees and church. Bell towers of church. Aerial shot of town buildings. Pan up of west front of church. Boy wearing hat walks along path by park. Front of town hall with boy and passing traffic. Front of school steps. 4 shots of children in playground. Man talking on microphone. Children in playground. Teachers with children lining up in yard. Principal. 2 shots of children listening to Principal. Children march towards classroom. 2 shots of seated children at desks. Teacher explaining function of ruler. Children listening. 2 shots of teacher with ruler. Boy at desk. Boy walks along stalls set out on floor. 2 shots of people browsing in market with terracotta pots on floor. 2 shots of vegetable stalls. Shot of meat stall. Ceramic stall. Large terracotta pots. Cloth stall. Boy walks among stalls on either side. Drink stall with lemonade and pink 'Jamaica water', people drinking and man mixing jars. 2 shots of boy walking towards shoe stall. Close up of pair of black shoes, thumb fingers them. Boy strokes front of shoes. Close up of boy's feet in sandals. Boy smiles downwards, elderly woman with stick and basket passes behind. Close up of picture of Virgin Mary with flowers. Front of Baroque church with crowds. Boy looks down at and fingers shoes. Close up of feet in sandals walking along dust track. Sunrise over valley. 3 men ride mules in valley. Field with man walking in distance. 3 men on mules. 2 men herding cattle. House with mud bricks. Boy waking up on straw mattress with pillow, blanket and piggy bank. Woman making tortillas, patting and kneading dough. Boy sits up and shakes piggy bank. Sombrero and decorative sombrero, 'charro', hanging on wall. Boy looks over and smiles. Close up of hats. Boy tries on charro hat. Father comes over, smiles, takes hat off, puts it back and leads boy away. Family sit around primitive kitchen to eat tacos for breakfast. Mother pats dough. Small girl lies on floor with straw mattress. Mother pats dough. Boy looks over, taco dough cooks in background. Close up of small girl with head on pillow, bow in hair. Outside house, mother with baby in arms sees off husband with 2 boys, they take mules and boy walks behind with stick. Father and 2 sons lead mules up hill with small shrine at top.
Posse ride by large cacti. Close up of cacti,'magle', which is dense, long and spiky.
Family walk up to centre of plant where liquid, 'pulke' is scooped up from centre and placed in a jar. Family walk along field and pick beans from plants. Close up of pod, boy takes bean and eats it. Boy and father walk through woods, carrying large sacks over shoulder. Father and boy pick coffee beans. Close up of red coffee beans. They walk back through woods with sacks of beans. They undo sacks and spread out beans to dry in sun. Father and sons herd cattle over dry hills, very dusty, they look for pasture. Dry season- men and boys cut out earth from hills, mix it with water to make bricks. Wet clay is pounded by bare feet. Clay placed in mould and laid out in sun to dry. Man trims bricks with machete. Woman sits sewing and singing with child in arms. Woman washes clothes in river. Father and boy lead mules home, they stop and father hands boy some coins, boy smiles and puts money in pocket, leads mule away. Boy picks tomatoes and carries them in hat. Boy takes tomatoes to market, young woman buys them and puts them in basket. Boy walks among stalls on floor. Close up of flowers. Boy walks up to flowers. Close up of lilies and carnations. Boy walks away. Boy runs up to front of church, stops, and looks up at bell tower. Tourists look up at church, point and take pictures. Boy goes up to couple, they talk and man points him in the direction of car.
Boy cleans car. Tourists come over to car, smile and hand boy coins. Boy runs away with bucket. Boy runs home with hat in hand. Close up doctor's bag. Doctor in suit with mother. Boy grimaces. Doctor talks with mother who looks worried. Boy runs up to doctor who pats his head. Doctor bids farewell and leaves. Mother talks to boy and clasps him on shoulder. Boy looks pensive, then smiles and speaks to mother. Family sit around kitchen oven which is candlelit for early breakfast. Close up of chocolate liquid which is stirred in jar. Small girl eats biscuit. Boy drinks chocolate and eats biscuit. People sit around stone benches in park, woman walks up to greet friends, baby in arms. Men sit on bench, boy goes up to father, he walks away with friend. Group leave park and begin walk along road, carrying flowers- they are going to the shrine for feast day. 2 shots of group walking through hills. Pyramids of Mexico. Boy sits on steps looking towards summit of pyramids. Sunset. People file through a line and shake hands. Aerial shot of Mexico City with lights in evening. Group walk along path, women carrying flowers. 2 statues of 'Great Green Warriors' who guard entrance to Mexico City. Close up of boy looking towards them. Family enter floral gates of shrine of Virgin in Guadeloupe, decorated with inscription and date 1956. Several shots of crowds outside church, some pilgrims walk on knees. Marching bands and singers carrying banners, flowers and floral banners. Father and boy walk amongst crowds. Family kneel down and pray outside church. Father takes black shoes out of bag and gives them to boy. Father and boy kneel, clutching hat and shoes. Crowds outside church.

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