Film: 3211

Media | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Different types of film and audiences with reaction and idea to set up a film library 1950's

A safety film about playing with fire - a young boy and his teddybear is scalded by boiling water on a stove. Ambulance. A woman is seen standing by an open fire in loose clothing and a fire screen is advised.
Chorus girls dancing. Man in audience watches smiling whilst woman sat by him frowns.
Immunisation of children.
A woman and visions of her new kitchen.
Groups join together in building a film Library and form a Film Council. Film Catologues. Using a film projector. Film as a vehicle for change.
A group of farmers see a film called 'Just weeds'. Dandelion seed head. hand. Views of Canada. Three men visit town to buy new tractor sprayer.
A poster is put up for another film show called 'clean up week'. This motivates the community to clean up, includes a woman tidying back yard, man painting front of house, pupils working in school yard.

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