Film: 3212

Sport | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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The Sport of Polo 1930's

Horses stand in their stalls. The horses are fed wild oats. The horses are taken for early morning exercise in Richmond Park, Surrey. Several Indian grooms ride horses Mr Tomlinson a well known trainer rides a horse. A blacksmith replace the shoes on a horse. Forge. A shoe is prepared on an anvil. In the stable yard the ponies are groomed. A horse has it's hair cropped with electric clippers. A horse is force fed medicine through a funnel. Metal fittings are polished. A lorry load of straw arrives. A dummy pony is used to enable a novice to practice some of the moves to be mastered. Mr John Trail regarded as the greatest Polo player the world has ever known. Trail demonstrates how to swing a mallet and change the direction of a horse. Duke of Gloucester at Roehampton. Maharajah of Juipar. Lord Louis Mountbatten smiling at camera. A game commences. Lord Louis Mountbatten mounts the horse for a game. 'Ranelagh Polo, Thursday 8th June 1939 at 3.30pm on the OLD GROUND Semi - Final of the Ranelagh open cup between Absdean:
1 Hon. M.R. Samuel
2 J.P. Robinson
3 CAPT. H. G. Morrison BK Capt. Lord Louis Mountbatten and
The Optimists

1 W.L. Horburg
2 Raj Kumar Prithi Singh
3 H.H. The Maharaja of Jaipur
4 P.W. Dollar

The game commences. Scoreboard. Grooms look on.
Entertaining film showing the preparations for a Polo match between members of the aristocracy.

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