Film: 3213

Social History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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A short, incomplete documentary on the attractions and lifestyle of Melbourne and its inhabitants, as seen through a day in the life of a couple 1960's

Some excellent swinging 1960's period footage dancing in a disco.

A man (butcher?) is handed a bag with two chickens from a market vendor. Two men in suits are then seen eating a chicken in a classy city high rise restaurant, with shots of central Melbourne seen through the windows in the background. The men are in conversation. In contrast, two different men, one with a tattoo on his arm, are in a pub drinking beer and about to eat a counter lunch. Two young boys in matching clothes are sitting down beneath a statue in a concrete city square, eating an ice cream in the afternoon sunshine. Two helmeted construction workers are sitting on an iron girder having their lunch. Three women all wearing white, are having a picnic on some city parkland. Directly behind them is a two metre water fountain and in the background is the front façade of the Windsor Hotel in Spring St.
Groups of women are then seen sitting in outdoor chairs enjoying the sun while in the background, people are observing the various art, photo and poster exhibits displayed on walls erected in Fitzroy Gardens. A couple in their late twenties are featured in the shot admiring the exhibition. They walk up to one of the exhibits to look more closely. He concentrates on two travel advertisement posters of Japan. Posters of India, Greece and Tahiti are shown. The couple walk further along the display walls. They share some food from a bag and walk past the camera.

Four children are sitting at the edge of a man made lake, in front of the Exhibition Buildings. The building features an archway entrance with twin spiked domes, with the larger central dome just behind. Shot of the Southern Cross Hotel (where the Beatles stayed on the Melbourne leg of their Australian 1964 tour) as viewed from the hotel courtyard. A large anchor shaped sculpture is seen in the courtyard within a circular fountain pond while a mother and two young daughters sitting in the foreground look on. Four shots of different Melbourne buildings each with its own individual architectural style, representing Melbourne embracing the old and the new. Shots of two sculptures, one is a futuristic man holding a wheel above his head, the second is of Britannia.

The older of the two men from the classy restaurant seen earlier receives a massage from a masseuse. Shot of man receiving rubdown. The man from the late twenties couple featured earlier walks up to the telephone to speak to his girlfriend. He is wearing blue overalls and has a spanner poking out of his top pocket. In the background are rows of equipment in an automobile factory. His girlfriend is shown speaking into the telephone at the other end. She is wearing a nurse's uniform, while other nurses work in the background. He hangs up and walks away, leaving a much clearer shot of the factory machinery and some workers. The man then drives a Holden past rows of other cars in the car park and drives off. A large group of workers walk past an open gate as the sunshine casts long shadows on the ground. Two very long lines of cars are seen departing a very large building or factory complex. Close ups of several cars going past, including a Volkswagen Beetle, a Holden and a station wagon. A woman in her thirties places letters into red post boxes and walks away. A boy then places a packet to be posted into the 'Newspapers and Packets Only' chute while a workman polishing the chute looks on. A woman in a red dress sitting at a typewriter removes paper, places a typewriter cover and then places a sheet over a cage containing a cockatoo. A Greek delicatessen shopkeeper closes the blind on the front door of his shop. As the sun sets, a coxed rowing eight rows down the Yarra River with a bridge and the south end of the Melbourne central business district in the background.

A workman wearing a coat and a white safety helmet drops a switch at an electricity station. A set of streetlights ignites and we see a night time shot of Bourke St ?, with all the lights of the building and shop signs lit. Two more shots of different styles of night time street lighting. A tram travels down Swanston St, similarly lit to Bourke St. Three well lit Melbourne building facades follow.

The couple sit down in a church to discuss their wedding arrangements with the minister, while an altar boy lights a candle and opens the bible for the next scripture reading. Another man, possibly one of the men from the pub drinking beer, exits a lift and plugs a vacuum cleaner into the wall in an office building. Another cleaner dries a floor after mopping using a floor buffer. Night time shot and the offices are deserted. Still at night, in an outdoor news stand, a boy picks up a copy of 'TV Week' with Elvis Presley on the cover. The couple walk down a street and stop to look into the lit window of a furniture store, admiring the red lounge suite. The suite features a couch, chairs, table, cushions and a lamp. A crowd of people leave a theatre having just seen a play titled 'Busybody'. A tape recorder revolving tilts up to reveal the couple dancing on at a crowded dance floor at a 'groovy' disco. Shots of other dancers performing very 1960s style dancing. The couple sit down to have a coffee. Individual shots of the couple looking into each other's eyes follow with more shots of dancers in action. They leave the venue via some very large wood double doors and say goodbye to the bouncer standing outside. Very cheesy! A 'City of Melbourne' street sweeping truck sprays water onto the gutter at night. The couple walk down Swanston St, with the neon lights of the city buildings in the background. Next shot is the same but from a further distance back. A 'Taubman's Paints' neon sign is clearly visible as is a poster for 'Craven Filter'.

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