Film: 3214

Aviation | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Rolls Royce engines for aircraft 1960's

Jet planes. Brigitte Bardot descends the steps out of an aircraft to waiting photographers.
BEA Trident passenger airliner G-ARPR. Conway jet engine on Boeing 707, also on a Douglas DC8, and a Vickers VC10.
The Gulf turbo prop engine on a Viking airliner, and a Comet airliner landing.
SAS airliner takes off. Taxiing aircraft. Inside cockpit as airliner prepares to land on runway.
British airliner at Lisbon, Portugal airport. Aircraft in the air. A Braniff International passenger airliner is directed by a member of the ground crew at an American airport. Dallas Love airfield, Texas, U.S.A. Uniformed aircrew point at Spey engine.
Derby Rolls Royce works exterior and interiors.
Military jets have spey engines fitted with after-burners. Testing a military engine. Twin engined Hawker Siddley Bucaneer II flies past a British aircraft carrier. Bucaneer takes off from aircraft caiier. In flight. Flying past carrier. Landing on carrier.
Aer Lingus airliner in flight. British United airliner taxiing. Inspecting engine. Passengers disembark. Engine being serviced in a workshop.
McDonnell Phantom plus strike aircraft.

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