Film: 3220

Places + Locations | 1950 | Silent | B/W


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Excellent general views of Paris and Versailles, France 1950's

L'Arc de Triomphe and Aveneue des Champs Elysees. Street scene, balloon seller. Traffic through the Arc de Triomphe and possible view from the top. Horse pulled carriage, French traffic police?
Tomb of the unknown soldier. Place de la Concorde: views of the two fountains, the obelisk, Assemblie National and Le Grande Palais. Artist at work. French flags flying in the wind. Views of the Seine. Images of transport; buses, motorcars, horse and cart. French street scenes. Perdestrians waiting to cross the road. Policeman directing traffic. Le Madeleine. Montmarte, Moulin Rouge, a corner cabaret. Three young women in bohemian dress walk up the Rue Lepic. An artist wearing a beret paints at his easel. Close up of paintings for sale. People sit at café tables outside the steps leading to Bateau-Lavoir.
Eglise du Sacre Coeur. Close ups of architecture and decoration. Four nuns descend the steps. View from the church.
Eiffel Tower. Icecream seller at the base. A crowd watches a reconstruction of a historic event. Le Palias de Chaillot. Art Nouveau Metropolitan sign. Bridge over the Seine: a barge or long boat emerges. A market stall selling paintings or prints which blow in the wind. Yong students watch their peers perform in a band, close ups of conductor and various instruments. Two policemen stand outside their headquarters. Bird and Fish market. Man carrying a birdcage, stall keepers selling wares. Quai aux Fleurs. Flowers and flower sellers. Notre Dame, close ups of decorationand stonework. Bois de Boulogre: lakes, sculpture, horse riding, walking and rowing. A small crowd watch a bird on a perch.
The palace of Versailles. Palace architecture, sculpture, façade of the building. Crowds, tourists. Box hedges in garden, Fountains, figures in the fountains: Neptune and horses. Avenues with sculpture.

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