Film: 3221

History | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Historical reconstruction of medieval life 1930's

Map of England, track into close up of area near Doncaster. Talk about pilgrims at Scrooby and Gainsborough. Robin Hood in Nottingham. Laxton, dissolve to site of Laxton castle in real footage. Pan round site of old moat and keep. Castle replaced by a manor house (both castle and manor house are superimposed on farmland). Shot of village church from fields. Interior of church and graves of old lords. Rose family coat of arms on church beam. Laxton map showing growth and development of area. Shots of village houses intercut with map. Farm yard and farm house with castle. Farmers in yard. Cattle at trough. Large open fields. Map of fields in 1630, the Mill field, South field and the West field. Reduction of open fields. Explanation of crop rotation. Map of division of West field into scattered holdings. Autumn ploughing with horse and hand pushed plough. Concept of double furrows to demarcate tenant farmer's holdings. Ridge and furrow. Farmers all ploughing their strips of land. Later they harrow and sow with the two handed broadcast method as they used to do in medieval times. Summer fields showing different crops of different holdings. Farm cart, gaits and strips for access to fields. Manorial court, a relic of feudal times, is a meeting of landholders. Homages are the committee who administer the fields. Replacing wooden boundary pegs. Banging peg into ground with axe head. Notification of sale of Syke Grass at the Laxton Gaits. Harvesting grass with horses. Common land of the villages. Sports car drives down country road. No gates so cattle stray from the common land. Rounding up stray cattle and impounding them. Sheep grazing on stubble. The village mill has disappeared as has the castle. Tombs of the Ebringham family. Good shots of farmers ploughing. Tomb of Adam Ebringham. Mr. Morton, the wheelwright. Mrs Price, the wife of the chairman of the West field jury, feeding chickens. Harvesting wheat at Laxton, a living example of a medieval village.

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