Film: 3222

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Sand dunes, Dutch farmlands, villages, canals, dairy cattles, wheat combines. Ijsselmeer lake and relaination, Zuider Zee, boats, barges, pumping water, reclaiming work in action, building dykes, thatching the ground, ditch digging. "Unicorn" 300 year old polder farm. Flowers, cows, houses, stables, orchards, looking after the canals, windmills, machinery, electrical pumps, cabbage barge, oberland cradle car in canal, inclined plane boat lift, locks Dutch-style, markets, barges go through market, auction room, livestock market, cheese making, pasteurising the milk, dairy men's co-op, cheese market, narrow gauge brings top sale, house building in Holland. Rural life in the Netherlands.

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