Film: 3225

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Morocco in North Africa 1940's

Nomads with camels. Grazing camels. Goats. Collecting water in the desert pools. Grinding barley t make couscous, cooking, praying 5 times a day, eating with hands. Camp is lightweight so everything can be easily moved. Camels carry up to 500 pounds. Young children ride on the camels in a framework covered with cloth to protect them from the Sahara sun. It only takes 3 hours to pack up the entire camp. Very unhappy camel is loading up. New camp site. Everything is unpacked. Rugs are used as flooring in the tents. Making bread baked in a circle of hot stones. Children learn Koran. At night the men drink tea in the tent. Herding camels. Rest at an oasis surrounded by palm trees. Camels drink. Farming at an oasis, water lock (interesting). Farmers take it in turns to use water from the oasis. The time allowed is measured by how long it takes a bowl to sink in a bucket of water. When it is the next farmers turn, he blocks up the channel of the previous farmer and digs a channel to irrigate his own crops. Palm, dates. Nomads take whatever the date seller can not sell. Gadean City, camel market. Money changing hands. Putting an angry camel on a truck, market for cows, tea, wool, barley. Chief of nomad tribe checks the quality of the barley before buying some with the money he got from selling some camels. Wood is expensive. A camel loaded with fire wood. Mosques, call to prayer five times a day. Camel train, Atlas Mountains.

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