Film: 3226

Railways | 1950 | Silent | B/W + Colour


Wimbledon to West Croydon Railway 1950's

Shot of driver's compartment on engine of a steam train. Three men look at camera from engine. Coal truck coupled behind. Engine number 30537. Cut to front of engine on track and view of railway tracks ahead going in two directions. Electric train passes going in the opposite direction, only two coaches. Head on shot of steam engine stationary on track. Two-coached electric train passes on parallel track. Small overhead iron passenger bridge can be seen in near background. Head- on shot of two coached train moving away up the track. Return to shot of driver and two assistants on steam engine. All three wear flat caps. We then see the engine move off in reverse. Overhead shot of steam engine reversing down track. Smoke bellows out of the engine's funnel. Engine shown reversing under large brick bridge and a man crosses line and stands between parallel tracks. This is a station and we can just see Mitcham on a signpost. The man on the track takes a baton from the engine's driver. The number on the engine can be seen as 31617. Shot of driver as engine passes by pulling trailers that have some sort of mechanical crane aboard. Shot of signalman outside box holding both his hands up. It was the same man who took the baton from the engine's driver. He leaves his platform and we cut to a shot of more rolling stock and carriage being transported along the track with the steam engine behind. Another shot of the stock and engine passing by under a large brick bridge. Murky shot of steam passenger train passing through crossing gate as pedestrians wait either side of gates. Engine number 30072. There are quite a number of coaches. Film ends.

Second film
starts with BR electric engine pulling small tanker type rolling stock. Cuts to head-on shot of same train passing by with electric pylon in the background. Gap and then red sign with white writing 'Danger do not touch the live rail'. Shot of Wimbledon station sign hanging from the roof of the platform building. Two-coach electric train pulls away from platform in direction of camera and passes by. Shot of signal box at crossing gate from side of railway track. Gates shut to allow train through. Metal passenger bridge can be seen in the background. 'Dundonald Road' street sign on metal railings is shown. This is the Dundonald Road crossing gate in Wimbledon. High shot of the two-carriage train rounding a bend and approaching in the camera's direction. Back to the signal box at Dundonald Road and the train passes under the bridge, across the crossing, and past the signal box and camera. Next the train appearing round a bend coming towards and past the camera. Shot from the front of train as it approaches the crossing and signal box at Merton Park.
Shot from platform of Merton Park station of train coming in and stopping. Elderly BR member of staff in braces, flat chap, and shirt and tie crosses line with baton and young man passes him in the opposite direction. As the old gent walks on the concourse of the platform, we cut to an elderly gent in short-sleeved shirt and jumper, possibly same man, giving baton to driver in his cab. Shot of station signpost Merton Park standing alone in grass. Shot of flowers growing up one of the brick walls of the station. Elderly lady opens carriage door to board train as young man slams door shut and departs further down the coach. From a high angle behind one of the signals we see the train approaching and passing. Trackside shot of the train passing under a metal pedestrian footbridge, then another trackside shot of train approaching and passing, with a row of trees behind a fence on the other side of the track. Shot of back of train disappearing, up the line. High angle shot of buildings on Morden Road station as train arrives at platform and stops. Close- up of platform station sign Morden Road. Elderly platform guard in shirt and short sleeved jumper signals to driver from end of platform, as train moves off. High angle shot as train passes underneath and into the distance. Head-on shot of train approaching and passing by. Houses on the other side of the track. Trackside shot of train approaching and passing by with two electric pylons and office block in background. Cut to back of train passing by and moving on up the track.

Mitcham signal box is shown, then close-up of sign on side of box. Cut to guard on platform waiting as train comes in the station- passing under metal passenger bridge. Guard takes baton from driver as passengers board and depart train. Shot of outside of Mitcham station entrance from across road. Nearer shot of actual entrance, then shot of raod sign on wall 'Tramway Path'; high shot of train leaving station progressing down the line, then under a passenger bridge. Shot from driver's cap as train travels along track. Then back of train disappearing along line, before back to the cab of the train. Another trackside shot of the train passing by then a train approaches and passes on the parallel track going in the opposite direction. Another high shot of train passing by, before back to the cab and approaching Mitcham Junction station, entering under a large brick bridge. Station nameplate shown fixed to concrete post. Uniformed guard gives batons to driver and nods as train moves off. Shot from other side of platform as train departs. Cab shot as train passes signals and box under metal pedestrian bridge, and along track. Shot from behind of train moving away along track. Enter station, passengers waiting on platform, Beddington Lane station sign shown in close- up. Black guard exchanges batons with driver and we get head-on shot of train departing. Trackside shot of train approaching and passing. Then another, with rolling stock parked in the background. Tram passes by before cutting to another shot of train approaching and passing by. We can see two tall chimneys in the background. Shot of train approaching next station with factory buildings in the background. Shot of platform and Waddon Marsh station nameplate sign. Cut to signal box and then we see a young blonde mother with her small son and daughter climbing the steps of the box. On entry they speak to young man in signal box and buy what looks like a ticket. High shot of train passing and approaching next station past two conical chimneys and factory building at Waddon. Stops at platform of the next station and guard exchanges baton with driver. Trackside shot of train approaching with two tall tower chimneys in the back- ground. Cut to train rounding corner past factory apparatus and proceeding along track. We see train coming in to the next station, stopping at the platform. Then close-up of 'West Croydon' nameplate hanging from root of station building. Film closes with white piece of paper on grass with the words Produced By Tom Martin.

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