Film: 3227

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Rhodesia, Zimbabwe and Nyasaland, Africa.This series of newsreels were produced for black audiences 1950's

Two white men approach Mtopo mountain range. Rhodes plaque. Men walk amongst stones. Monument to British colonial soldiers. View of hills. Title: 'Rhodesia and Nyasaland Today'. View of office towers, roads in Salisbury. Whites climbing onto a plane at Salisbury airport. Central Square fountain. Narrator points out only signs saying 'Europeans Only'. Harare: 'African quarter' of Salisbury. Black woman chops wood, child cries. Woman washes child in small amount of water. Unemployed men play a game of bottletops. Local food market. Black man typing at tobacco factory. Narrator: "without European influence nothing would have been done for Africa." Black children running outside house. Housing blocks. Black man playing guitar. White soldiers. Houses on tobacco factory grounds. Black workers sorting tobacco inside factory. White supervisor inspects their work. Blacks inside factory. Welding. Typing. Black youths leaning against a building. Black children. Cotton mill. Narrator implies blacks, if given money, will spend it on beer not food. Car on motorway. Blacks farming under white supervisor. Landscapes. Dairy farm, cattle. Black labourers work in a shoe factory. Rail bridge. Statue of Livingstone. Victoria Falls. Construction of dam. Fishing boat carries fish to Kariba Lake. Office blocks. Satellite towns. Ktanga: copper-producing. Conveyor-belt full of copper. Beating molten copper into shape. Education centre. Welling Hospital. Narrator emphasizes equality of African and white doctors, nurses and patients. Mother and newborn. Nyasaland: Blacks in village, at market. Fishing on Lake Nyaka. Cycling through fields. Ownership of land vs. produce output. Tea-picking (black workers). Schools for blacks between 12 and 21 - "comparable with English Public Schools". Kids in uniform. Boys only. Inside classroom - white female teacher.

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