Film: 3230

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | B/W


History of Kenya 1952 to 1963 Kenya, Africa
Jomo Kenyatta, the time of the Mau-Mau guerrilla freedom fighters
Church of the Martyrs. Nairobi Street scenes, Villages and farmers of pigs and cows. " Lord Consolidation " Women knitting. The school of Child Welfare and Hygiene, Schools, Prison camp HOLA , irrigation schemes, sisal growing for fibre and wax, coffee plantation harvesting and processing, Aberdare mountains, European farmers, pyrifora, pyrethrum, insecticide, Smart houses of the Europeans, Nairobi coffee bars, Mosque , the Indian quarter Asians in Kenya, East African railway and training apprentices in a Nairobi school, Fort Jesus, locomotive building at the railway works, Royal east African navy, Mombassa, Arab quarter, Arab Secondary school for boys, Massai tribes, Navy ships. Hospital with black nurses, 1963 elections and independence, multi racial .

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