Film: 3231

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Botswana in Africa 1970's

Some people live in western style housing, but most live in the countryside as farmers. Bridge over dry river bed. Cattle and goats. Oxen. Two brothers. They go to school. Cattle drinking muddy water. Boys collect water with buckets. Lots of goats and children near the water. Learning in an outdoor classroom. Teacher is teaching the children how to tell the time. He has a clock face drawn on a board. The children sit on the ground in front of him. They raise their hands to answer his questions. Reading and writing. Newspapers. Pictures. Family sit around a western style diner table. The eat what looks to be mashed potatoes. In a western style bedroom, a child kneels next to his bed and says his prayers with his mother, who sits beside him. Boys brush down the yard, lots of dust. The boys walk back. A wedding ceremony, the bride is a beautiful black lady dressed in a western white wedding dress. The first have a western style ceremony, then a traditional ceremony. Photographer. Men play acting, pretend to drink. Speeches, church choir. Women in hats and headscarfs. Boys walk to huts.

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