Film: 3233

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Narrator tries to convince us that London and Paris are only an hour away from each other so therefore they must be 2 bits of the same city 1950's

Aerial views of London. River Seine and the River Thames. Images of a naked little boy playing in the sea. Narrator says that the shores of England and France used to be closer together. It only takes 1 hour and 40 minutes to fly between Paris and London. Narrator says that 1 hour 40 minutes equals about a five mile march, therefore Paris is only 5 miles from London and so the english channel does not actually exist. (interesting logic). Speakers corner. Cross Channel swimmers covered in grease. Paris underground metro and opera. Aircraft interior to Paris. Paris trams, very good shots of the markets. Mansion House in London and the city. Holborn old houses. Children enjoying donkey rides. Children on swings. Policeman, Gendame. Statues in London and Paris. Men in top hats, bowler hats. Women relaxing in a park. People eat lunch in the park. People drink tea in the park. French men drink wine from the bottle. Tennis. Fishing in the Seine, Notre Dame, St Paul's Cathedral. Markets, selling sheets, rugs, artifacts. Accordian player. Blind beggar. Funfair games. Houses of Parliament, French guard, British guard. British royal family, the Queen and Prince Philip. French President. Follies Bergere nightclub.

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