Film: 3234

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Re-Building the Menai Bridge to Anglesey, North Wales.

Drawings and paintings of the building of the Menai bridge constructed in 1860 by Leonard Stephenson, who put the last rivet into the bridge. On 23 May 1970, the tube construction of the bridge through which trains travelled, caught fire. The tube was made of wood, and had years of tar residue causing it to burn widely. The masonry survived. Drawing of the new bridge. Builders re-build the bridge using the existing masonry. Views of girders, girders have to be man-handled into place. The arches to fit between the masonry columns are built two miles down stream. The arch constructions are floated on the Menai Straight to the location of the bridge. Tug boats are used. Man with a woolly hat and a pipe steers the tug boat. Tugs pull the structure along the water. Tidal currents, rain, wind. Hammering rivets into place. Winching girders into place. Pulleys etc. Surveyor. Aerial view of partly finished bridge. Tugs on the water. Cranes lift sections into place. Last bit of the arch is suspended beneath the bridge. Dusk, the arch hangs in the sunset. The bridge is finished. The first train goes across. 8 masonry columns hold the bridge up. 1972 the site is cleaned up. Painting the bridge. Removal of the burnt tubes.

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