Film: 3235

Transport General | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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A history of the various means of transport, trains, boats, and road transport due to

'Transport never sleeps'. Distant view of a steam train moving across a landscape on a misty morning. Express train - Britain gave transport to the world' Romantic ideas of road and rail transport. A look also at canals. Express train drawn by LMS Jubilee class engine with the name 'Barbados'. In the 19th century we built canals and railways. At one there were 120 separate railway companies in England, Wales and Scotland. Bridges were built views of the Menai Straits bridge, the Forth Rail bridge and others. Views of luxury coach trips leaving London for the sea side. Wartime. View of tanks being transported by rail.

Nationalisation in 1947. Men in suits discuss the problems they refer to a map of the country. Birth of British Railways, a British Railways logo sticker being fixed to the side of a train. Views of locomotives being built. Standardisation required. Railway signals. Tracks being laid. Electric trains. London transport, buses, trolley buses and underground trains. Modern control room. Buses being tested for stability. Bus stops. A bus stop sign being put up. Very brief clip of guard closing doors on a London tube train. Centralised system for the whole country. A number 12 tram in south London. 'The old has to be modernised. - The end.

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