Film: 3238

Adverts | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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A short-film advertising Smiths watches, Quaker Oats and polythene buckets. It tells of a journey by a joint Cambridge and Oxford university expedition by land to the Far East and shows how useful the watches, porridge oats and buckets were during the journey !

View of bushes and mist. River at bottom of valley somewhere in England. Man in long raincoat and smoking a pipe walks along country a path towards the camera, takes pipe out of mouth and starts whistling. His back faces the camera, road transport (a Land Rover) drives along a country path to meet him, it stops in front of him. Land Rover says on side 'Oxford and Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition', man opens car door and gets out, the pipe smoking man walks to meet him, as another man gets out of the other side of the car and walks round to meet them, they chat. One of the explorers wears a duffel coat, the other wears overalls. The pipe-smoking man asks them where they've been. The two explorers lean against the vehicle whilst they explain. Close up of side of road transport listing all the places they went to (overland from Europe to India). Close up of one of the explorers, he talks about using a 'good English watch'. Three of them chat. Second explorer in overalls talks. Close up of the watch. Three of them admiring the watch.

In a field in England, hills in the background, two road vehicles back to back with a canvas awning strung in-between them and plenty of luggage spread around in field. Man asleep in front of Land Rover. He is heavily bearded and asleep in a sleeping bag, he uses a blanket for a pillow with an alarm clock by his head, he starts to stir. Hand reaches out for alarm clock as it goes off at 5.30am he grabs it and smashes it on the table its on. He then starts to get up. View from outside vehicle as he gets up, he sticks his head through open roof as he takes his pyjama top off and puts another top on. Field with Land Rovers and tent in, sea in far right of picture. Man gets out of car wearing shorts and walks over to collection of cooking equipment, he goes to the gas stove, next to it are two boxes with cooking pans on. He lights three small gas stoves, one is square, two are round. He stands up and picks up a saucepan and puts it on the ground, he then picks up a gerry can.

Close up of gerry can with 'Whiskey' written on the side, he pours water from it into the pot. Man fills pot and puts it on the stove. Shot of man, Land Rover and sea in background. Man walks over to another man asleep in a sleeping bag on a camp bed and taps the camp bed with his foot so the man almost falls off the bed. Does this to a second man too, this chap has a leather bag and safari hat next to his bed, he rolls off bed. One of them stands up next to vehicle, he is wearing stripy shorts, he takes his top off. Man in checked Indian sarong stands up next to his camp bed and folds sarong round his waist, behind him are the two Land Rovers and the tent. Man sits in front of stove and pours white powder into pan, two other men, one wearing a sarong, start packing away things.

Close up of man pouring Quaker porridge oats into a cup. He sits on a camping stool, there are three pots on the stoves bubbling away, he scoops something out of a tin and puts it into a mixing jug. Ladle serving out porridge into six bowls. Close up of four full porridge bowls. Five men sit around on camping stools and boxes eating their porridge. Close of two men, one is pouring sugar from a big plastic jar onto his porridge. Another man in shorts, a vest and a battered sun hat pours milk onto his porridge. Close up of man with big beard eating porridge. Close up of another man with beard and an Australian army hat with side pinned up, eating porridge. Three men sitting round camp washing up central one wears dark glasses, they all wear hats. Close up of man washing up in plastic bucket. Man sitting on upturned bucket with back to camera. Two men (only see their hands and legs) drying cutlery and bowls, pile of cups and bowls in front of them. Wide shot of three of them drying up with paper towel. Close up of one of them washing up bowls in plastic bucket. Two men drying up cutlery again.

Elephant with man sitting on it in desert, there is luggage strapped to his back. Elephant trumpets, trunk in air. Two elephants, one much smaller than other but still with someone sitting on it, the big one is holding a bucket in its trunk, it then tosses the bucket back to the mahout (elephant trainer), man balances bucket on elephants head then holds it up to camera.

Back at camp men washing up, drying up of just milling about. Man sitting on bucket again. Close up of man on bucket washing up polythene storage boxes for food, he scrubs them with plastic scrubbing brush. Group shot of them sitting round camp. Another group shot from different angle, man is pouring milk on his porridge. Man sitting on bucket with back to camera again. Man in stripy pyjamas walks towards three young boys in a field, one boy is holding a big bucket, man walks past them. Two boys walk off with the bucket between them, they are both wearing shorts, one has a jacket, the other a jumper. Four men packing up camp, Land Rover being reversed to lower the awning suspended between the two vehicles. Three men taking poles down from awning/tent. Two Land Rovers on the sand, one drives off, camera follows. The second moves off and camera follows it too. Close up of steering wheel as driving along.

Desert: large road transport, a desert bus apparently with a front that looks like the cab of a lorry and attached to it is what looks like a train carriage, cruises across desert at some speed.

View out of window of vehicle, dry, dusty scrubland. Land Rover drives though river, seems to be low wooden bridge across river, a man stands on it to watch the road transport drive through, other Land Rover is in distance.

Pakistani military drummers marching towards camera, wearing white uniforms and turbans, they are marching around the maidan. Wide shot of maidan, troops standing in formation, drummers file past them drumming, then stand still and drum. Close up of head and shoulders of drummer. Line of men with bugles to their mouths, all with different coloured turbans. Buglers standing in front in uniform, some in black, some in white, drummers standing behind them. Crowd of Pakistanis watching and waving at camera. All of military band marching in formation playing instruments., low buildings in background.

View of out windscreen of vehicle, see dry, dusty road, high up in Pakistan hills. Two Land Rovers drive into field, man standing out of open roof on second vehicle. First Land Rover drives across field, two men stand behind it wearing white shirts and shorts. One Land Rover reverses towards the other one that is already parked. Man in white shirt with rolled up sleeves untying something from the roof. Man standing on roof of vehicle unpacks things from roof rack, he takes off a camp bed and passes it down to someone else, then passes another down, man takes them. One man on roof, one by him helping get things down, another man has been putting together a camp bed, he tosses it onto the ground once its put together and walks towards the car. Two men standing by side of Land Rover, one wearing a checked shirt with rolled up sleeves, the other a jumper, they are pulling open a large canvas holdall, one man takes out a rope, other turns bag upside down to tip out the tent. Wide shot of two Land Rovers back to back with canvas tent/awning between them, two camp beds in foreground, sea in background. Close up of heavily bearded man driving. A Land Rover is driven slowly away , the canvas is pulled taught, two men watch. Men putting poles in position for the tent, one man walks to pile of things and picks up a rope to attach to tent. Man sitting in can of vehicle reading an instruction manual.

Back to man with pipe talking to explorers standing beside vehicle. Close up of the one in a duffel coat talking.

Land Rover driving along country path, bushes and trees to either side, towards country path. Land Rover stops at edge of river, man gets out of vehicle and stands by river. Close up of man undoing boot laces and taking off boot. White shirt lying on the ground, arm reaches down to pick it up. Land Rover drives through shallow river. Man in pants, shirt and sunglasses wading though ankle-deep water, he turns to beckon to vehicle. Land Rover in water, man is leading it through water. Half of Land Rover in view, back wheel quite deep, water spraying out of back wheel as it tries to move. Man with back to camera leading Land Rover through water, river reaches hubcaps. Man in checked shirt undoing belt and taking off trousers. Land Rover reaching other side and driving up bank, man in shirt and pants still leading it, then moves round the back and helps push it up the bank.

Jeep driving through path in the Burmese jungle with Burmese soldiers in, they are wearing soft safari hats and neckerchiefs, Land Rover follows, Burmese soldier walks in front of camera with rifle. View from windscreen of other Land Rover in front driving along dusty road, trees and bushes on one side, steep drop on other. Land Rover stops behind it, soldier walks past on road, steep drop on one side, jungle on other. One of explorers look at the jeep, two soldiers stand guard. Two soldiers stand in middle of dusty hillside road. Jeep has one wheel lifted off the road by two big rocks, man lies beneath it, his legs sticking out. Close up of Burmese soldier standing on very dusty road, rifle in hand, he has a handkerchief tied over his face. One of explorers with back to camera trying to loosen a screw on the jeep, he is wearing an army beret. Man with army beret and sunglasses standing by the jeep gesturing, another man stands behind him. Close up of foot pump. Close up of foot pump being attached to tyre that has been taken off jeep. Foot pumping up tyre. Wide shot of man pumping up tyre, two Englishmen squat down, crowd of Burmese soldiers watching. Close up of foot pumping tyre. Man in beret and jumper with back to camera, pouring something into jeep. Close up of bucket with something in being poured into jeep. Foot pump pumping. Man in hat and sunglasses, no shirt, rolls wheel into back of the jeep. Englishman walks up to Land Rover door with rifle, he opens it and gets in. Land Rover on road, steep jungle-clad slope on one side, two Burmese soldiers stand and look at vehicle, one man bends down to look at wheel or under car, another looks on from the side and a third lifts up bonnet to look at engine. Convoy of jeep, the two Land Rovers and then another jeep drive along a the hillside road. Jeep with soldiers in drives past. Convoy continues along road.

Back to the two explorers in the field talking with the interviewer.

Graphic of advertisement of 'Smiths Watches'.
Cartoon picture of three men, two with wild beards, eating Quaker oats, one holds Quaker oats box above his head.
Graphic saying 'They took Box Polythene buckets and containers.'
Graphic saying they wore Artex clothing 'It's smart, it's healthy'.
Kismet Duplex Master foot pump.

Explorer in Land Rover, man with pipe stands chatting though car window, he jumps in Land Rover and it drives off.

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