Film: 3240

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Fishing, riding in pretty village. Colleges, study by the river. Technical drawing, students on bikes. Punting on the river. Croquet playing on the lawn. Cricket. Rowing race. A ball.
Lakeside housing in woods. Man rides horse in village. Man and horse under post. Village Church and thatched cottage round village green. Woman tends to climbing roses on her Suffolk pink rhubarb cottage. Village pond, windmill in distance, Finchingfield. Two men drink pints of beer from pint mugs outside village pub - one resting on wooden rail outside pub, other man standing. Village policeman wheels his bicycle up to the two men. Pub sign of a dog and duck. Duck and ducklings. Children fish in pond. Boy carries jam jars. Wooden windmill in fenland. Sails are not turning. Fens near Cambridge. The city of Cambridge. People on bridge over river Cam. Colleges. Man looking over parapet of bridge at punting below. Student reading book on grass by river. The Cavendish Institute. Students study. Boy looks at scientific apparatus. Hand writes equations. Close up of thoughtful man's face. Oscillating wave patterns on screen.
Very large radio telescope in country. Men talk in front of it. Indoors in laboratory, student receives approval from professor who nods. Student turns knobs and makes white dot on screen move around.
Models of molecules. Bearded, glasses - wearing scientist in white coat. Electronic microscope. Man puts eye to eye-piece. Men discuss apparatus.
Student and tutor at Peterhouse. They wear robes as they walk across lawns. Student cycles out of college onto road. Round church. Robe wearing students bicycling in town. Bicycle racks. Student smokes pipe as he cycles. Vintage open-topped car. Student cadges a lift and holds onto side. In a hurry, a student parks his bike outside alleyway and runs in. Man in top hat follows him. One of the college Police. King's College choir boys walking to King's Chapel. They doff their top hats to the professor. They take hat off as they enter chapel. Sundial on wall. Statues. Architecture.
Punting on river. Couple sit in park reading. As woman is pushed along by man she trails her hand in water. Man punting points out something to women. St John's College. Passing under low bridges. Several lawn tennis courts side by side. Men play tennis. Man on bridge waves to punters. Close up of pole in water.
Croquet lawn with men playing at Magdalen College. Cloisters. Students perform Shakespeare in open air. They wear period costume. Sundial on wall. Heraldic symbol on wall. Pretty half-timbered house of Elizabethan style.
Queen's College.
Two studious looking men argue in English about science. Man in park reads book and refers to another book. Swans. Students walking out of college. Blue bus passes rows of bicycle racks. Its destination is the "Races". Students play cricket. Man plays shot, spectator applauds.
Male and female student outside Cambridge Second hand book shop browsing. Two men in tracksuits run past a pond. Men drinking in beer garden, overlooking the river. Men sit on wall of bridge drinking. Afternoon sherry party on lawns of college of Trinity Hall. Waiter pours drinks. People talking.
Man only wearing shorts, punts his friends on river. Outdoor cafe - student and his mother drink tea. Man cheering on rowing 8. Banks of river lined as boats round bend. Some spectators cycle by. One carries a megaphone. Crowd shout encouragement. The cox.
The May ball at Cambridge. People dance to calypso music. They are dressed in ball gowns and black ties. A couple nuzzle one another. Man pours champagne for woman. Ostentatious man in bright red jacket and smoking from cigarette holder, dances side by side with girl. She looks embarrassed. Large bonfire. People dance round fire - they link arms. The college at night. A couple asleep in a punt still in evening dress. Early morning - everyone still dressed smartly as they punt around. Men launch boat. Women hold champagne and pour it into glasses for men. Men in dinner jacket punts. The students walk round streets (of village of Grantchester?) slowly. Thatched cottages.
Students at graduation ceremony. They walk around quadrangle. Director of university carries mace. Students are led through streets in procession. After ceremony, the social side with parents shaking hands with tutors on lawn. Students with parents. Students wearing mortar boards. Close ups of several smiling faces.

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