Film: 3244

Media | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Film starts with Mary Ellen, make-up artist, preparing female announcer, Elizabeth Cowell, in a dressing-room. Mary Allan dusts miss Cowell's face with a cloth and then applies an eyebrow pencil. A closer shot and a towel has been placed over the announcer's head as the eye liner continues to be applied. Miss Cowell toussles her hair before she is shown in the mirror applying some perfume to her hair. The call boy arrives to alert miss Cowell that the programme is about to begin. Miss Cowell replaces the perfume onto the dressing table. She exits the dressing room and crosses the studio to announce Adele Dixon. She wears a long velvet, figure hugging dress, with a large brooch prominent. She is shown standing behind the microphone against a curtain backdrop. Although she is speaking there is no audible voice.

Cut to engineers in the control room. One of whom replaces the telephone receiver, while another sets levels on the instrument panels. An arm is shown throwing a switch, a generator starts up, a neon sign denoting 'VISION ON - SOUND ON' appears, then an operative in a white overall blows his whistle. Another operative waves his handkerchief, whilst the man with the whistle raises both thumbs upwards.

Next an orchestra conductor is shown, Hyam Greenbaum, wearing dinner suit, with baton, conducting the music.

Switch to the side of the studio where a cameraman is shown in action as Adele Dixon entrances. As she starts to sing the camera cuts to an operative adjusting levels on a panel, which is apparently 'vision'. Another operative is shown on 'sound'. Various shots of operatives in the control room adjusting knobs. As the operatives watch from the side of the studio, a cameraman on a mobile camera is shown being pushed forward by his colleagues.

Moving on to the living room of a middle-aged couple watching the singer on their television. Close-up of Miss Dixon singing in a sleeveless dress with ornate shoulder decoration. As she finishes the song, the lights fade, she bows, and the curtains close.

New clip starts with aerial shot of urban area and its crowded housing. The television orchestra that accompanied the song are then introduced. Eight members can be seen, bassoon, clarinet, drums, and two horn players. They all wear dinner suits. Cut to the string section where a number of violins start in, then the brass section, with trombone and trumpets. Head-on shot of orchestra in studio with conductor's back towards the camera. Cut to aerial mast and 'the end'.

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