Film: 3245

Education | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Milford Junior School
Faded up 'production' credit over child's drawing of school or general playing field. Five figures are around the goal right of screen. Fence in foreground, townscape in background.
Title upon second child's drawing. A street with car facing camera. The rear of a second car is visible. Line of houses along right side of street.
Filming credit upon third child's drawing, showing side-on view of street. Women and children and also pets, walking along in foreground. Three 'stores', upon shoes shop, another 'general store' behind. Picture fades out. Throughout soundtrack plays slow tune on oboe.
Faded up shot of row of red houses. More houses rise up behind. Shot looking up at two house roofs. Washing lines in front. View looking down neighbourhood street or avenue. Houses along left side. Two cars stationary, third, or van, moves towards and past camera. Road curves to right along small, possibly 'new town', shopping areas. Car passes along the road.
Two children, one bending down, other on tricycle are on the pavement on left side. Camera pans slightly right, taking in more houses beyond shops. Green area with school building in middle distance. Stretches along width of screen looking on line of children walking along road under and away from camera. Camera moves upward to reveal gate leading to main road with buildings on far side. Children gather round the gate. Soundtrack states there are 35 children on 'observation' based(?)walk. Camera moves left along crescent of houses. Van standing near to camera on right side. Car further along road. Girl's face looking up at unseen object. Shot and top of telephone pole. Close-up of wooden post part (possibly telephone pole). Child's hand comes up and strokes it. Close-up of boy and girl gazing at same object. Boy, in shirt and tie, is pointing out something to girl on his right. Same object with initials 'GPO' and numbers '30' and '59' carved into it. Children look up intently. Second shot of telegraph pole from further back. Boy and girl look to left. Girl points and speaks to boy who replies.

View of house roofs with four roof windows prominent. Camera behind heads of two children who look up at stone house behind. Camera pans skyward to reveal more of house wall. Girl, in woolly coat and hat leaning slightly to left of screen looks to right, smiling. Van behind her. Close-up of glass disk, probably a van mirror. Detail of side of van with reflection of children visible in silver line along side. Two girls in thick coats and woolly hats peer down towards pavement. Vehicle-light visible on far right. Girl's face looking up at unseen object as group of children with adult pass along behind. View of aerials on two chimney stacks. House wall along bottom of screen. Two boys playing on it while girl stands side-on to camera in front.
House, with entrance in behind. Shot looking down on girl in woollen hat crouching down beside brick wall. Her right hand feels brickwork. Boy in dark duffel coat stands holding object, possibly flint. Camera moves left as boy shows it to girl. Close-up of the object: white with freckles. Boy's face, side on, on right of screen, looks down at dried (?), he is holding to stone wall with his right hand. Takes bag(?) and departs from shot. Close-up of piece of grass in centre of screen, with child's hand clutching unidentifiable object, on left side. Hand in mitten; holds black object. Right side, another pair of hands reaches to hold it. Girl's face looking down. She is smiling wears a stripy bobble hat. Hand (possibly same as previous shot) holds out black and white stone in area of screen. Another pair of hands hold an object, possibly mushroom.
View of two girls looking up at unseen object. Behind is a bare brick wall. Door or gate visible far right. Looking up at string and paper or bunting swinging freely against white sky. Girl, back to camera, crouching down and peering into hedgerow. Path visible under it. View, from road, of hedge with house behind. Two boys are in shot, on pavement. Boy on right looks at, and talks to, other boy who looks at hedge. On left side is road sign, saying 'Granion(?) Avenue'. Shot looking down at drain cover in grass. Pans up to show fire hydrant, looking down on boy in big black coat, crouching down investigating grassy/ muddy area. Close-up of marks in mud. View of white sheet of paper with marks, possibly foot- prints, painted or printed on.
Desk with black, circular object in centre and ruler along bottom of screen. Narration states children are in a classroom. Another desk with sheet of paper. Pair of hands are in shot with child drawing the circular object in bottom left corner of the paper. Desk level view of two girls side by side, drawing. View looking down on hand with pencil over sheet of paper. Boy, in patterned, sleeveless jumper looks down and draws round object on sheet of paper. Close-up of boy's face. Looking down on intricate pattern, possibly leaves, on paper. Desk level view of object (possibly stone) on desk beside sheet of paper. Camera pans left to show child's hands drawing object.

Close-up of boy's face in concentration (or, possibly, boredom). Close-up of child drawing mineral. It is labelled with a capital A. Second drawing and darker mineral is behind. Three children at work around desk. Two boys behind. Camera pans down to show they are drawing. Extreme close-up of two minerals and two drawings as pencil, on top left corner of screen is 'shading' drawing. Another drawing shot with black mineral in centre of screen. Drawing is headed 'stone I'. Boy's face as he works. Close-up of mineral and drawing labelled 'stone K'. Three boys drawing. Child stands behind scales. Right bowl holds stone, left, a set of drawing pins. She kneels down and looks at scales. Hand writes on paper. Moves away to show words 'stone A.62'. Shot looks down on metal bowl with labelled stones in it. Hand comes in from left of screen and takes stone. View looking along scales as child adds drawing pin to nearest bowl. Furthest has stone in. Same girl as before, looks down at scales A. Close-up of bowl with pins as girl takes some out. Return to girl's face. Two lines of drawing pins are arranged on desk. View of desk covered in newspaper. On it is a bowl- jar of substance. Box with 'Fisch(?)' written on and pieces of paper or card. Two children are painting on the cards. Close-up of girl wearing old- style glasses looking down at work. Substance jar on desk again. Pair of hands reach out from left of screen, take jar and empty some of the contents into palms. It is sprinkled over painted card. Narrator indicates this is dried sand. Girl rubs it down covering her card. Shot of such cards placed together on white sheet of paper. Child adds another to form definite though unidentifiable shape. Series of 'H' shapes on white paper faces camera. Child paints picture again hung up to face camera. Camera moves along paper with children's drawings and diagrams. All concern dogs, i.e., footprints and toes.(endearingly spelt 'towas') Pans left as child dips brush into jar. More diagrams in shot revealing 'area' of dog's feet. Assortment of bowls, spoon and unknown implement on table. Girl looks into small mirror. On her right thumb is a plaster. Two girls sitting side-on to camera. One nearest holds kettle and looks at it. Pair of hands on table. Right hand holds up spying glass. Two girls, facing camera, also hold spying glasses. Two more, in extreme close-up, look through glasses in obvious delight. Three girls gathered around spoon. They observe it. Girl on far left is looking into bowl of water. Extreme close-up of two stones floating on water. Shot looking down on paper with information on stones and whether they floated or sank in water. Looking down again, on bowl with stones in. Child writing down information, apparent at top right of screen. Close-up of some boy at work. Boy at table writes down information (identifiable as stone numbers). Extreme close-up of stone in water with boy's finger pushing it.

Piece of paper with child's writing. Headed 'Joyne Tarvil. A kite on the wires'. Shot looking down on cross frame on table. Pair of hands at top of screen. One hand holding a pencil which marks spot near intersection. Boy wearing round spectacles gazes downwards, then woman (teacher) leans into shot giving an instruction. Shot of boy beside kite on table with teacher's skirt visible down left side of screen. Boy holds reel of Sellotape. View from over boy's shoulder - as he prepares to apply tape to kite. Shot looking straight down onto boy leaning over kite attaching length of string.
Close-up on sign, saying 'fossils'(?) with two fossils in front. Boy, side-on to camera, draws or paints, at table along a window. Camera pans up to reveal picture of a dinosaur. Child paints picture onto canvas holding paint jar in his left hand. Camera moves up to show boy half facing camera, looking intently at picture. View of picture from over the boy's shoulder, showing series of unidentifiable shapes. Top of picture is object which could be flying or sea-bound dinosaur. Close-up of girl sitting at desk huddled over unseen drawing. Two boys standing at table with bowl of water and assorted clutter. To left are shelves of books. Door to another room visible at centre of screen. Boy furthest from view arranging work. Boy nearest bent over table quietly working. Close-up of information card running diagonally across screen. Relates to objects floating and sinking. Object placed into bowl of water. It sinks. Boy at table looks up at bowl then down at work and writes something. Second object placed in water. It floats. Camera pans left along two kite-shaped fabrics on desk. Two children apparent at top of screen. View of desk covered by paint pots and sheets of paper on which two children to right of screen are painting unidentifiable picture. Pans up to reveal child- painted or- assembled object above which are words: 'A study of an area around the school'. Desk- level shot of kite laid upside down, with child treating(?) S12v) it. Shot looking up at boy with spectacles looking down at work. Return to previous view but closer. Boy's hands in shot, pressing down kite fabric. Some work seen from opposite angle. Close-up on different boy looking to left of screen, then down. He speaks with surprised expression. Shot looking down on substance in a bowl. Narrator states that wet sand does not 'sprinkle'. So it must be dried. Simultaneous with shot of boy holding bowl of wet sand over candle. Second candle flickers in foreground. Looking down on child to left of table, bending length of wire. Girl and boy beside her (farthest from view) sit at table and put dry sand over candle. Boy looks past camera. Boy of previous shot holds up dish of sand and turns it to show camera. Some steam comes from dish. Shot looking down on child handling bottle top or similar object. Boy side-on looks at dish as he suspends it over candle. Close-up of sand in dish. Teacher sits side-on, centre of screen surrounded by children. Three boys are facing her, back to camera. Girl sits beside her staring past camera. View from further back showing more children. Those in foreground at desk working. Boy looking down. Shot of him laying kite frame upon fabric. Shot fades into cloudy sky. View of two boys holding kite in middle of green area with houses in background. Turn backs on camera and run with kite. Camera follows, panning left. Boy holds kite in front of brick wall. Pans left to show second boy holding string. Building identifiable as school in background. Second boy runs off with kite. Two more boys walk along side of school building, holding kite. Camera pans left to follow. Two boys back in open area with kite. Houses again in background. They walk backwards along school building again followed by camera. Close-up of kite detail as boys crouching down attend to it. Boys in front of school building, in centre of screen. Boy on right launches kite and holds string. Both step back and out of shot. Close-up of kite on (?)14v with pair of hands altering it. Boy stands in front of houses with kite- camera pans left to partner with string. They run left to right of screen with kite. Fades into classroom view, of panning left along paintings on a wall. Sheet of card with kite on it. Two children to left of table with bits of card, pencils and scissors. They are cutting out objects and sticking them to square cards. Two other children behind table do same exercise. Close-up of boy looking down at length of card. Close-up of another boy. He looks to left of screen and chuckles. Camera pans up taking in extent of child's collage featuring houses, road and trees. Shots of boys looking down and smiling. Close-up of brush at work on glossy painting. Boy painting or drawing on box. Boys working on either side of him. Camera pans left to show boy on far side gluing newspaper to box. Another boy is working with him to left of box. Behind is blackboard, upon which are favourite programmes including 'The Avengers' and 'Champion'. Side-on view from road of 'co-operative supermarket': Three girls stand around cash register. One operates and the others look on, offering thoughts. Close-up of hands on register.
Shot of cakes on shelf. Returns to register close-up, then close-up of cakes and buns. Again, till close-up, then of two girls' faces as they look down. Brief shot of child's writing. Centre of screen behind which is , possibly, hairdressing salon. To left of screen. Mother adjusts coat on her child.

Shot, back in classroom, of painted box with words 'Alcocks' along front. Arm enters shot from right side of screen, holding scissors and paintbrush. Boy, front-on, paints object as boy on far left looks on. Girl sits at desk, writing. Shot of pictures (possibly book or magazine photos) on paper. Includes dolly, Puppy, and, far right, a Dalek. At top are words, 'Jenny's Toy Shop'. Four legs stand around model of house, painting it. Close-up of one boy working. Return to previous position, then all four look to left and smile. Close-up of teacher blowing bubbles. Large bubble. Boy's delighted face, then girl with like expression. Teacher's bubble mixture also in shot. Teacher blows another bubble, which is followed by camera. Boy looks up with impressed expression. Third shot of bubbles blown, from slightly further back. View of blackboard. Camera pans down taking in scientific and geographical words upon it. Bubbles blown again by teacher. Arm in shot, trying to burst them. Shot of piece of writing by 'Sharon Boutter' entitled 'The Bubbles'. Girl holds prism to her right eye and laughs. Close-up of girl looking up (from sideways on) and smiling. Returns to girl with prism. Shots of boy holding candle over paper. Wax drips onto paper, then boy pours water onto altered paper.

Camera pans along diagram headed 'Pungannon Road', with other words: 'Roofstops', 'Stones', 'Reflections', 'Footprints', 'Map', 'The Kite'. Oboe and piano music begins to play on soundtrack. Second text headed 'Rooftops' with related observations listed. Shot of maths-based diagram, possibly bar-chart with list of programmes down left side. Hand in shot filling in graph. Close-up of listed programmes, then third text headed 'stones' and related info. Shot of stones in a bowl. Fourth text, headed 'Reflections' with related objects.
Boy sits at table of scientific clutter along window. He holds prism and looks to right of screens. Shot of dim light in black space (possibly, prism image). Two girls looking to right. Nearest holds up kettle. Fifth text headed 'Footprints' with relevant info. Violin can be heard with piano. Close-up of girl's smiling face. Girl back to camera paints footprints on sheet of paper. Sixth text headed 'Map' and relevant info. Final credits thanking staff and children of Milford Junior School upon child's drawing of car- and bike- shed on road. Fades out as music concludes.

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