Film: 3246

Education | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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View of suburbs of Los Angeles. USA. Yellow school bus travels along the road. Bus driver and children on board. Driving past fields of flowers. The children all have varying degrees of mental handicap. The bus stops and the children get off and greet their teacher and hug her. She narrates the film. She says that the children thought they were failures until she encouraged them to paint and draw. The children gained confidence and became more interactive. One boy who had problems with his hands produced a new style of drawing and he become proud of himself and helped other children. Views of the children's artwork. Some of it is very good with a strong sense of form and movement. The artwork was exhibited in a local gallery and some was sold which made the children very happy. View of scenery, waterfall, Hereford cattle, ducks on a pond, riverbank, flowers. The sort of things that the children would paint. The children get back on the school bus.

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