Film: 3249

Adverts | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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A series of 1950's adverts or commercials that would have been shown between a live matinee, or theatric performance on afternoon American television. Wholesome American adverts for Armour Star turkeys, Sylvania flash bulbs, Brillo pads (x2) and Tide washing powder(x2)

Three US soldiers in uniform, possibly inside barracks, one shuffling paper at his desk as he prepares to read about a young woman. An attractive young woman in an evening dress and necklace descends an ornate stairs, lined with classical columns, as soldier's voiceover describes her virtues and qualities, she pauses at the foot of the stairs. A kaleidoscopic image. TV host or presenter in a suit, John Conick, welcomes viewer to the NBC Matinee Theater, then turns to an advertisement board for 'Armour Star Broad- Breasted Turkey' which he endorses for Thanksgiving, then turns to a smaller board bearing the brand name Armour Star, and with a real, plastic-wrapped ready to cook turkey. Closer shot of the turkey while the host talks about the meat's weight and neat dressing. A cooked turkey on a plate. A knife cuts a succulent slice of it revealing the white meat, then the knife cuts the leg. The presenter stands next to board bearing the Armour Star Broad- Breasted Turkey name logo again, inviting us to order one of these easy to prepare birds and repeating the brand name, before recommending smaller birds for smaller families. CLose-up of the packaged turkey again. The presenter beside the large ad board again, pointing to the Armour Star label. Kaleidoscopic image again.
The same presenter stands behind a desk or counter holding a flash camera with bulbs made by Sylvania , which he recommends. Hand holding a flash camera which flashes. Zany titles: Big New Sylvania flashbulb Contest. A 1957 Ford Thunderbird car speeds along a road while we are asked how we would like to win such a car. Elegant 1950s looking woman showing off a $3500 mink coat, which is another prize.
A new presenter, the Sylvania brand name behind him, Sylvania products beside him on a counter, picks up a leaflet or entry form to demonstrate how to enter the competition by collecting an entry form with any purchase of a Sylvania flash bulbs. Close-up of a leaflet and of a box of Sylvania bulbs. The presenter again, pointing to a statement that entrants should complete, referring to Sylvania Blue Dot flashbulbs. His hand opens a book about the competition, illustrating 1st prize of the Thunderbird car or, on the next page, the mink coat, then a page showing 2nd prize of a Sylvania Colour TV, then 30 portable Sylvania TVs on the following page, then 40 Sylvania portable hi-fi phonographs, then 50 Sylvania phone radios. The presenter holds up a flash bulb pack and states the 14 January 1957 (midnight) competition closing date. The counter spread with bulb boxes and leaflets. The first presenter, next to a Sylvania competition poster board and bulb boxes. He picks up one of the entry forms. He explains how to enter, summarising the other presenter.
Kaleidoscopic image.
Kaleidoscopic image.

First presenter, seated on director's or canvas chair holding up a box of Brillo scouring pads. Young girl stands on box while her mother measures cloth for a new dress against her. The mother in kitchen with messy pots and pans, which she picks up and looks at in despair. Close-up of a box of Brillo pads, one pad appears next to it and a hand reaches to pluck it. Female hands hold up the pad and point out its new turned edge. Hand squeezes the pad under a running tap. Close-up of the hand squeezing out the special soap foam. Hand scrubs a metal bowl or 'roaster' using a Brillo pad. The roaster or bowl is rinsed and then turned to show how it sparkles. Multi-refracted image of a hand scrubbing with a Brillo pad. A similar shot. Similar again. A box of Brillo pads in between grocery items such as cheese, corn, bananas. Hand holds up an aluminium frying pan to demonstrate its shine and reflection, then another hand holds up a box of Brillo pads.
Kaleidoscopic image.
Same presenter in director's or canvas chair introduces us back to the drama. Kaleidoscopic image/ A man's feet pacing a carpet. Female hands frantically wash up metal, probably aluminium pans and other washing up. Close-up of Brillo pads box, pad appears next to it and a hand reaches to pluck it. Female hands hold up the pad and point out its new edge, as before. Hand squeezes out foam, as before. Hands scrub a metal saucepan. The pan is rinsed under a tap, then pan held up to show how new and shining it looks. Box of Brillo pads on a linoleum surface where there are scuff marks, then a hand reaches in and scrubs the marks with a pad. Hand scrubs clean a sticky stove burner. Hand scrubs an aluminium window or door frame. Multiple fragmented image of hand scrubbing with pad. A similar shot. Similar again. Female feet join the man's feet we saw earlier and the couple go out the front door. Box of Brillo pads in between groceries, as at end of last Brillo ad. Hand holding up frying pan then Brillo box as at end of last ad. Kaleidoscopic image. Kaleidoscopic image again.
Same presenter on same chair, holding a box of Tide washing powder. Mother with daughter, latter says her mother likes Tide- clean clothes. Close-up of a box of Tide. Clothesline with towel hanging from it as 'Tide clean' titles are superimposed, then fade out, line moves to show striped shirt as same titles superimpose and fade, line moves to plain shirt and same titles. Man leaning out of shower catches wife's attention who hands a Tide-clean towel. She continues on her way in bedroom, carrying several clean towels, puts these down and picks up a pair of Tide-clean pajamas. She places these on a radiator, goes to bed and turns down the Tide- clean sheets, hugs and feels the pillow, then sings Tide's praises. From different angle, man enters wearing pajamas, kisses wife and climbs onto bed to stretch out and read. Wife stands over her baby in its cot as she explains the importance of what goes next to her family. Close-up of Tide box, 'Tide-clean' titles superimposing along to the 'Tide-clean' jingle. Kaleidoscopic image. Same presenter sitting again. Girl steps out of paddling pool to be dried by her mother who wants Tide- clean clothes next to her family. Close-up of Tide box. Clothes line with towel and 'Tide- clean' titles, then striped shirt and titles, then plain shirt and titles. Two children play on slide in garden while mother hangs the washing. Mother admires and shows off the clean washing while the children play, then are joined by the father who hangs them, all the while mother beams and eulogises Tide, then mother and father kiss. Mother unpegs a towel from the washing line, admires and folds it and places it with other clothes and a box of Tide. Kaleidoscopic image.

Seated presenter again, recommending tomorrow's play and holds up a photo of the star, Margaret Hayes. Titles, and credits for the play Savrola from the novel by Winston Churchill which was on in between the adverts. The host or presenter thanks us for watching and requests our company again tomorrow.

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