Film: 3250

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Rehabilitation of injured men and women with loss of limbs after World War Two. Soldier disabled and handicapped following wounded in action. Some fighting in the North African desert with British troops on battlefield. Different amputees talk about experiences and demonstrate their adaptability.
1943, a ship with repatriated prisoners of war arrives in Britain from Crete. Nurses in Uniform waiting at the dock. Injured, amputees, and stretchered men. Ex soldiers begging in the street.
A woman who lost her leg in the blitz works in her kitchen making a pie. Good 1940's kitchen scene and she does everything a normal housewife does.
Couples dancing, some of the men in uniform. Couple, both having lost legs talk about themselves and how they overcome their injury. More dancing.
Government Hospital with people on crutches walking in the grounds. Inside a man with a new artificial leg learns to walk.
People who have lost limbs who have been given the chance to work normally. A woman works in a haberdashery shop. A Postman delivering letters in the Country. A man using artificial legs works a Treadle Singer Sewing machine as a Leather Craftsman. A child who lost a leg in the Blitz plays games at school.
Demonstration of artificial leg with a locking joint and walking. A mechanic works in a garage. An electrician climbs a ladder. A man driving a lorry. A man playing tennis. Back in the kitchen the woman goes out and cycles down the road.
A man at desk with artificial limbs on display behind. In a bedroom a man without an arm dresses putting on his arterial limb, tying his tie, doing up his shoelace and putting on his jacket. A Draughtsman and a Carpenter both using tools which attach to their artificial limb. Two men explain the difference between an elbow amputation and Shoulder amputation and their artificial limbs. A man trained as a Painter and Decoration putting up wallpaper. A Steelworker welding. People also partake in recreation, tennis, golf, billiards, table tennis, gardening.

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