Film: 3253

Railways | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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History of Locomotives and Railways. Great footage of all types of locomotives, rail track, signal box, driver etc.
Still of George Stephenson.
1825 First steam locomotive passenger Train built by Stephenson for the Stockton Darlington line.
1904 - Lomotive City of Truro which is now used for railway entusiasts.
1926 -Electric locomotive used across the Penine Hills for transportation of coal.
1955 launched a plan to modernise the railway with trunk routes Liverpool, Manchester and London.
Child train spotters with notebooks.
Footage of diesel locomotives including Diesel electric, Diesel hydraulic and Diesed mechanical.
Diesel engine used in hauling coal.
Manufacturing and making locomotives. Testing engines against heat and cold for overseas. Locomotive destined for South Africa. Shots of Johannesburg.
India's railway. East Africa. New South Wales.
Two women in fifties dresses wave to a passing locmotive in Australia.

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