Film: 3257

London | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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London's West End on Sunday with focus on Hyde Park.

Hyde Park in London. The Haymarket and Piccadilly Circus are empty. Trafalgar Square, the Embankment, Hyde Park. People are walking their dogs in the park. The Serpentine has early morning bathers. The Wellington Barracks, Rotten Row with horse riders, boaters and rowers on the lake, swans, the open air restaurant, flower gardens. The Achilles statue. The Boy and Dolphins statue. Peter Pan statue. Nannies in the park pushing prams. Kite flying. Cricket. Putting. Bowls. Sleeping on grass. Band plays on bandstand. Speakers Corner.

Oxford Circus on Oxford Street looking towards BBC with 3 cars and one van passing in front. Deserted Haymarket looking towards Piccadilly Circus with bus in distance. Deserted Piccadilly Circus towards Regent Street. Newspaper stand with 2 people and one passer by. Sunday morning parade of cadets through Trafalgar Square towards Charing Cross and passing by St Martin in the Fields. Pan up towards church spire. Pan down from Nelson's Column. Embankment towards Hungerford Bridge. Embankment towards Westminster with Pier and bridge.

2 stills and 1 panning shot of empty Hyde Park. 6 shots of people and dogs walking in park. Serpentine lake with huts. Panning shot of bathers by lake. Bathers walking to lake. Bathers jumping in. Early morning swimmers. Soldiers from Wellington Barracks. Soldiers on horseback riding out of park through archway. 2 Soldiers riding horses through park with one female passer-by. 2 shots of 2 different sets of riders through park. Close up of I man and 3 girls riding by. 3 more shots of various other riders with some passing traffic. General public bathing in Serpentine with view of bridge dissecting park. 2 shots of sunbathers along lake. Royal Humane Society boating hut. Boatman patrolling lake to ward off other boats and protect bathers. Divers. Person emerging from lake and passers by. Bridge carrying outer circle traffic- 2 shots. Lake from bridge. Edge of park along Bayswater Rd with crowds. 6 shots of public rowing boats. People rowing in distance with swans in foreground. Mother and child standing at edge next to swans. 3 shots of swans. 7 shots of scenery and birds at Bird Sanctuary. Swans preening themselves. Goose? with goslings. 2 shots of preening swans. Goose? and offspring going for a swim. Pigeons and swallows feeding. 2 shots of people seated at benches and feeding sparrows and pigeons at feet. 2 panning shots of people picnicking or eating sandwiches on benches. (1 minute break in filming) 6 shots of flower beds, including 2 of tulips- gifts from Holland. Park gates. 2 shots of Queen Victoria statue, sculpted by daughter and donated by her to park. Achilles statue. Watt? Statue of physical energy. Boy and Dolphin statue. 2 shots of Peter Pan statue. 8 shots of infants and babies in prams with their nannies in Kensington Gardens. 3 shots of children kite-flying. 4 shots of children playing cricket. 3 shots of adults putting golf balls. 2 shots of men playing bowls. People seated on grass with passers by. People on chairs next to lake with soldier in uniform mingling. 2 Shots of people seated on chairs and benches with buildings in background and buses and vans passing by. Ticket collector taking money for chairs. Couple on chairs, man dozing off, woman reading magazine. 2 shots of people seated with others lying on grass and 2 boys wrestling. 7 shots of people sleeping on grass. Panning shot of large crowd seated by bandstand listening to performance. Close-up of band with crowd listening. Close up of 2 ladies listening and 2 other people reading magazines. Crowd shot. Depleted crowd around empty bandstand - panning. Crowd at Speakers' Corner. Close-up of speaker with panning shot of crowd below him. Backs of heads and shoulders of crowd. 3 shots of speakers with heads of crowd. Back of shoulders of crowd looking (probably) towards Park Lane with buses. Close-up of Socialist Party speaker on soap box. Man sleeping amongst crowds. Panning shot from feet of crowd up to their heads and that of speaker in background. Crowd close up including man with pipe. 2 shots of speakers talking amongst crowd. Back of heads of crowd. 2 shots of speakers with crowd. Heads of crowd including soldiers and sailors. 3 shots of couples walking in park along paths, under trees and afternoon shadows. Couple seated underneath trees and shadows. Couple rowing boat on Serpentine with reflection of afternoon light. Aerial shot of park with trees, gates and perimeters and Battersea Power Station in background.

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