Film: 3258

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Lightships during World war Two
Reconstruction film of a lightship bombed in 1940. Newsheadlines.
Crew on board going about duties, making tea, shaving. One sailor has a tortoise called 'lightning'.
At the lightship depot another ship 'Argos' prepares to go out on relief.
On board the lightship No 81 one of the crewe writes a journal, one plays the accordian and another is rugmaking. They toss with an old penny (good shot of old penny in his hand) as to who does the chores. The loser working goes to throw a bucket of waste over the ships side and sees a mine in the water. They board a boat and fire a warning shot to another ship who comes and blows up the mine.
One man has lost the tortoise, the other men tease him that it is climbing the mast. He goes on deck where he sees two planes overhead. They attack the ship with machine-gun fire.
Radio alert: No 81 Light Vessel requires attention.
The planes drop bombs, damaging the ship, the men launch the lifeboat rowing away with the planes circling overhead. The Light Vessel sinks.
Ships including The Argos are searching the waters for the survivors.
The men in the lifeboat are taking in water, they capsize, and the men die.
On 31st January a new Light Vessel is launched.

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