Film: 3260

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Small Town life in the suburbs USA 1940's

Small town Milford, near Boston, U.S.A. Life in the community. Boy goes to school, policeman diverts traffic in main street, New England style town with weather boarded houses, whitewashed buildings of an older style, picket fence, school, history, buses, airport, helicopter. The children view the town from the helicopter. Aerial shots, farms, power houses. Town Hall, railway, freight station, dairy farm, tractor bringing in hay, brick yard, clay dug, brick moulded and packed. Small grocers store, shopping street, shops, cobbles, newspaper office. Good printing machines. Court room. Fire station in operation, good sequence. Film show in class in projector. Petrol station, soda bar ( very good), telephone exchange. New England town, weather boarded houses, shop windows of the town.

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