Film: 3262

Places + Locations | 1950 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie
Iran, Middle east
View from aircraft of snow capped mountain.
Harbour. Desert. Jeep driving into a stream. Long point of view from car through desert and town.
Caravan of horses, donkeys with packs and eating on the hillside, steam trains travelling through mountains. Double headed steam train. Men carrying sacks down a hillside. Views from the platform of a train. Rivers and countryside. Train passing over bridge.
Pair of feet of someone lying in a carriage on a train!.
Point of view shots driver going along road passing people, donkeys and vultures eating a dead animal in the roa
Point of view side window car passing lorries. Nomads.
Men Washing Persian Carpets in the river by stamping on them then laying them out to dry on the rocks. Close up of beautiful patterns on carpets. Mosque.
Views of town. Mosque. Garden with dogs playing.
Dam. Drilling. Wild flowers and birds. Unusual sheep or goats. Donkey drinking. Horse and foal. Small boy leading large horse.

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