Film: 3263

Fashion | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Dressmaking and sewing 1940's
Fashion - Victorian engravings. Paper patterns. Pattern shop. Very good shots of shop. Fashion editor at work - women at work. Artists at work - sketching out designs for possible production as a pattern. Interior scenes of a pattern producing factory, showing in detail the method of their production. Stone duplicating machine (pre Photostat). Making up the clothes on dummy. Pattern cutting, large piles of tissue type paper. Punching holes denoting darts, etc. Using one of those wooden sketchers that reduce or enlarge. Printing shop - Very good general printing, Cutting by hand, 1,000 at a time. Packing and folding, lots of women take one paper pattern from each pile and a set of instructions and fold them by hand, they are then put in an envolope. Stock room of patterns. Despatch room - posting, the patterns are often ordered by post. Women open letters of request and send out , Women making up the pattern, cutting out the cloth on the dining room table. Home clothes making - using sewing machine, modelling finished dress, woman admires herself in a full length mirror. Welden's Patterns.

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